Recently I started writing for a roll playing site called  “Stargazer’s World“. The site covers everything related to roll playing games it can get it’s hands on and I have had fun int he last few weeks writing for them.

So far I have written the following posts for them.

Writing is something I enjoy doing and hope to improve with over time. What better way for me to do that then with a topic I am really have an interest in.


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  1. Hey thanks for these links and you’re entire blog. I’ve recently been trying to start my own DnD group, and am the only person who has any experience (and mines only the smallest been). I’m DMing my group, but we play 3.5 since that is the edition I have all the books in from when I used to play, and its been great so read through your blog and to see your progression and suggestions and everything.

    I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful source of information you have brought to me.


    1. @Andrew,

      Thanks very much for the kind words. I am glad your have enjoyed the posts. I can’t honestly say your missing anything by playing 3.5. I think it’s great your playing.

      I know at some point something will come out like D&d 4.5 or D&d 5.0. I can’t honestly say I will go out and buy all those books. You and I have invested in a game that works well. Why upgrade if your having fun? That’s what I have been thinking about recently anyway.

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