Youseph Transformers Issue 7Transformers issue 7 continues from issue 6 with Ratchet discovering the fate of his fellow Autobots and having to fight Megatron all on his own.

The cover of issue 7 is a dark one with Ratchet illuminated while pointing a weapon at Megatron as he emerges, back lit, from another room. “Flee while you can, Buster! Megatron is the mightiest of Decepticons! I may not survive!” warns Ratchet. Buster, appears to have finished fiddling with some console on the Arc and looks as if he is ready to flee.

Marvels Comics’ Transformers Issue #7: Warrior School

Marvels Comics’ Transformers Issue #7: Warrior School

Making their way through the woods in search of a read to drive Buster home on, Ratchet and Buster stumble across a group of campers. Ratchet is rather Interested by this human gathering. As he learns about the customs of camping he shows the fellow campers a new way to cook hot dogs. While in the woods, Buster’s head starts to hurt. An aftereffect of his experience with Optimus Prime’s head inside the Ark. Buster ends up being taken home by the campers and leaves Ratchet to deal with the Decepticons.

Shockwave ordereds Soundwave and Lazerbeak attack another one of Blackrock’s installations. An Aerospace plant that builds jet fighters. Mr. Blackrock updates Josie Beller who is still in the hospital from the oil rig attack. Josie also designed the aerospace plant. With some special equipment brought to her hospital bed, Josie is clearly working on something big. Blackrock vows to stop the giant robots.

issue 7 ratchet 2To verify Buster’s findings, Ratchet returns to the ark and finds deactivated Autobots all over. He is shocked to find Optimus Prime’s head. Prime tells Ratchet to fight as a warrior to defeat Megatron.

issue-7-busterBuster’s friends, Jessie and “O” try to cheer Buster up who is wondering how he is going to run his father’s auto repair shop while he is recovering in the hospital. Buster’s friends tell him that he can learn how to repair cares easy enough because of how smart he is. Buster explodes for suggesting that he can learn to repair cars like his father with years of experience. When his friends leave, Buster is gripped by another head-splitting pain. When the pain subsides he notices that several metal objects nearby where floating. Possibly by some kind of telekinesis.

Ratchet finds Megatron and after a very short battle, Ratchet strikes a deal with him. A deal that is sealed with the sacred Right of Oneness. Ratchet will destroy Shockwave and in return, Megatron will return the Autobots and the Ark. Should, Ratchet fail, Megatron will destroy him.

issue-7-ratchetPublisher: Marvel Comics
First published: April 1985
Cover date: August 1985
Script: Bob Budiansky
Penciler: William Johnson
Inks: Kyle Baker
Colors: Nelson Yomtov
Lettering: Rick Parker
Editor: Jim Owsley

Letters to Marvel. Called TransMissions

Dear Marvel,
I have just finished reading TRANSFORMERS #4. I loved it! the illustrations were superb and the script was fantastic! After I read the first issue I didn’t think there would be any more like it. Issues #2, #3, and #4 proved me wrong. Could you make TRANSFORMERS a monthly issue? – Jason Bak, Vancounver, B.C. Canada


Dear Transformers,
Issue #4 of the TRANSFORMERS limited series was excellent! I can hardly wait for #5 of the monthly series! It will probably be more successful than the limited series. I have a few suggestions for upcoming issues of the TRANSFORMERS:
1. A detailed plan of Cybertron.
2. A detailed plan of the Ark.
3. an explanation of how SHOCKWAVE got on earth.
4. The history of Cybertron. – Andrew Todd, Winnipeg, Canada

Dear Marvel,
Wow! The TRANSFORMERS #4 was the best of the limited series! The artwork by Frank Springer, Akin, and Garvey was terrific. I hope for more issues like this. now for some comments on the story.
Shockwave is one of my favorite characters. His appearance with the DINOBOTS was a great idea. In future comics he’d make a great challenge for JETFIRE, the autobot jet. JETFIRE is also a favorite figure of mine. – Danny Woipiat, Levittown, NY

Jetfire is also a favorite action figure of Larry Hama’s. Larry’s had a Jetfire original prototype on his desk for quite some time now. Larry, who writes the monthly exploits of GI Joe (not for wimps, people), maintains a desktop defense zone with Jetfire and the Joes’ stylized F-15 fighter. Nobody steals his paper clips…

Dear Editor and Assistant Editor,
I am enjoying these new comic characters the TRANSFORMERS both in comic form and in animated cartoon (Channel 11-WPIX, Sundays at 10). It has come to my attention that between the comic and the animated cartoon there are (more or less) 11 different DECEPTICONS, 19 different AUTOBOTS and the 5 different DINOBOTS.
I would like in the future issues of the TRANSFORMERS (or in a special TRANSFORMERS Yearbook, like you did for G.I. JOE recently), a special reference section which has pictures and a brief information printout on al the above mentioned DECEPTICONS, AUTOBOTS, and DINOBOTS, and those robots you will yet bring to life, if any. Please follow up my thoughts when you get the series going again early in 1985.
Please try to keep the TRANSFORMERS animated cartoon going because it is really very good. Both children and adults can enjoy this show. – Mark Salom, Brooklyn, NY

I just got finished reading my little brother’s TRANSFORMERS #4. I thought it was great! I’m gonna have to get me one of my own when my money dry spell leaves me. I’m eager to learn the fate of the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS, I’m also hoping we’ll see more of the DINOBOTS in issue #5. Keep up the good work! – Brian Bolchelmann, St. Louis, MO

Dear Heroic AUTOBOTS and evil DECEPTICONS,
The TRANSFORMERS Limited Series is awesome! I just got #4 and loved the debut of the evil DECEPTICON, SHOCKWAVE. I think he’s a pretty bad dude, and was mad that he wasn’t ever on the cover, and neither were the five DINOBOTS. SHOCKWAVE is definitely better and smarter than that power-mad dolt, MEGATRON!
The TV series is even more awesome, especially when you show CYBERTRON and its computerized landscape. I just finished seeing the latest one, called “THE ULTIMATE DOOM”! I thought it was better than the first three-part series, because it showed more of CYBERTRON, and more action. I hope the animated series gets daily, like G.I. JOE will in the fall of 1985, as revealed in the G.I. JOe YEARBOOK.
Hey, the comic turned from bi-monthly to monthly, so I demand hat the TV show be transformed from weekly repeats to daily new episodes!
In my collection of figures, I have OPTIMUS PRIME, RAVAGE, RUMBLE, SOUNDWAVE, BUZZSAW and SKIDS, and soon I shall be getting SHOCKWAVE and the DINOBOTS, whenever they come out! – David Saove, Hyde Park

Dear Marvel,
I enjoyed issue #4 very much. It was super great, fantastic, and I’m glad to hear that you are going to make more issues of the TRANSFORMERS. Keep up the good work! – James H. Baker, Shreveport, LA

Dear Sirs,
I have read your TRANSFORMERS series, and it was excellent. I heard you were going to make it a regular series. Try to add the DINOBOTS and SHOCKWAVE to your TRANSFORMERS series. This will make me happy and will create more excitement. – Samson Tam, Scarborough, Ontario

Next issue, Samson, Ratchet sets about on a perilous journey to consummate an unholy alliance between himself and Megatron. This journey leads him to the long deactivated Dinobots. Bob Budiansky’s plot was great by itself, but coupled with the simply awesome art of William Johnson.. well, let’s just say fasten your seat belts.

Dear Marvel,
I have just read the 4 issue series of TRANSFORMERS. The graphics in the book are great. I AM SORRY YO SEE IT GO! I thought it was the best set of comics I have ever read. I sure hope you will make another set of them. DO NOT STOP! PLEASE KEEP THE CARTOON GOING! I watch it every week! – Carlo Tarini

Dear Marvel,
I enjoy this comic book very much. I really enjoy the artwork most of all. You guys had me going there, for a while with issue #4. I said to myself, “It can’t end this way!!” I’m glad you decided to make TRANSFORMERS a regular series. – Steven Mancil

Dear Marvel,
I think TRANSFORMERS is one of the best mini-series I’ve ever read. I’m glad it’s a monthly. Just one thing: Where are the DINOBOTS??? Also, where is the Autobot called JETFIRE?? – Dave Nowik, Havertown, PA

Upcoming issues should answer your questions about JETFIRE and the DINOBOTS. Keep reading!

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