Circuit Breaker has capture more Autobots, no thanks to Donny Finkleberg. As a result, it seems like the Decepticons are more destructive than ever thanks to the addition of Runabout and Runamuck. Will the Autobots be able to stop the Decepticon terror that is affecting the nation? Will the be able to pull Circuit Breaker’s batteries? Lets hope so because things are getting out of control in issue 23. But first, lets check out this issues cover!


With an orange backdrop the Statue of Liberty stands on the the right, but is dominating most of the cover. On her is written “Humans are Wimps” in paint. Letters are so wobbly and some are backwards. As if whoever graffitied the statue had Dyslexia. Runabout and Runamuck are flying around the statue, with what looks like rockets on their feet, as they fight off an attach from RAAT soldiers. It’s a pretty decent cover. The only sad note is that both Runabout and Runamuck are colored in so poorly that it takes away from an otherwise decent cover.


Issue 23 opens up at Rapid Anti-robot Assault Tea (RAAT) Headquarters where Circuit Breaker is running Experiments on Autobot Skids. She is attempting to gain more knowledge about how Transformers function and think.


In Wyoming, at the Decepticon base Megatron has recruited two new Deceoptcons from Cybertron. Battlechangers, Runabout and Runamuck from Cyberton to deliver a message to Optimus Prime. Megaton wants to Challenge him to a duel to the death.


Runabout and Runamuck take off on their mission a little annoyed that Megatron is acting like he’s still in charge of all Decepticons after having been gone for four million years. In an act of defiance the Battlechangers decide they would rather cause mischief then do Megatron’s bidding. While trying to decide what they should do they notice a family. The Actions (Really?), on a summer vacation. On o the children in the family, Noah, is not having a good time on the trip. He acts out by writing “Vacations are the pits” on a store wall. This act of graffiti vandalism inspires the Runamuck and Runabout to follow the Action family on their road trip across America. During the trip the Battlechangers manage to spay paint Graffiti on national monuments.


These acts of vandalism are reported on the news and RAAT is set to intercept the robots committing these crimes. During an attach on the Washington Monument, Circuit Breaker figures out a connection between the Action family and robots. She, along with RAAT follow the Action’s to their next stop, Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

RAAT is able to stop Independence Hall from being vandalized, Circuit Breaker is injured while saving Noah caught in the middle of some crossfire. She is then ordered to recover while RAAT tries to intercept the Battlechargers at the Statue of Liberty.


Two week and frustrated to find the robots on her own, Donny Finkleberg convinces Circuit Breaker to use the Autobots she has captured to fight Runamuck and Runabout. Circuit Breaker accomplishes this by building her own robot, Frankensteined from various pieces of different captured Autobots. She is able to control the robot from a chest plate which she attaches herself too.

While Circuit Breaker is preparing the robot for battle the Battlechargers have vandalized the Statue of Liberty with more Graffiti. This is the first Graffiti they have done in English which reads: “Humans are Wimps”.


In one final battle, Circuit Breaker is able to dispatch the Battlechargers. Their bodies fall into the ocean.


Circuit Breaker ends up freeing the Autobots. This is part of an agreement she made with them in order to obtain their cooperation. She and Finkleberg are let go from RAAT for insubordination.

Donny Finkleberg returns to his New York apartment where he watches a report on Television regarding the defacing of the Statue of Liberty. In what feels like a complete random act of kindness, Finkleberg writes a $50,000.00 check to help fund repairs to the statue.


My Thoughts On This Issue

There is an early shot in this comic where Megatron just bitch-slaps the shit out of Soundwave. It feels like this was put in here to show that Megatron is in control and he is never to be questioned. But this just feels out of place. Yeah, bitch-slap the shit out of Starscream. That fits. But not Soundwave. He is just there to do the bidding of whoever is in charge. He is also very logical. Like Spock from Star Trek. But not a cold logical like Shockwave.


Runamuck and Runabout talk like they are the predecessors to Bevies and Butthead. Honestly after reading them talk to each other for a few panels, you got to wonder if Mike Judge might have read this comic before creating those two characters.


In this issue we have a vacationing family called the Action family. I have never in my life heard family named Action before. So reading that family name in this comic came across as desperate. Like the writers just could not think of a good last name so they thought up something with energy and drama. I guess their is some irony in having a boy named Noah Action, with his family on what he perceives as the most boring trip of his life.

Transmission Letters This Issue

Transformers-issue-23-TransmissionsDear Transformers Group,
I thought TRANSFORMERS #17 was a classic. although this is the first issue i’ve read, I watch the show and collect the figures, and I always wondered where the new Transformers came from. Thanks for the answer. The end was very touching (sniff, sniff). I almost cried.
By the way, add 1 more vote to making the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE. It’s a spectacular idea! Be sure to say when it will hit the stands.
Gaven N. Magrath
Mississauga Ontario

Thanks for your support, Gavin, we’re glad you enjoyed the issue. Scrounge’s death touched all of us, too. (sniff, sniff), but we’ll all remeber his noble service forever! Also, read on for more information about the upcoming TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE.

Dear Transformers,
With the influence of my friends telling me that your comic book was corny, I have hesitated to buy TRANSFORMERS since the 13th issue. Well, I am happy to say that I just bought TRANSFORMERS #17, and it was the greatest comic I ever read. It is filled with all the action most other comic books lack. I am truly impressed! You have just gained another monthly buyer. Keep up the good work and never cease to amaze me.
Victor Anthony

We’ll try not to, Victor! oh, and by the way, Ravage was wonder if you can send us your friends’ addresses. He’d like to pay them a little visit!

Dear Marvel,
I just finished TRANSFORMERS #18 and felt compelled to write you. The “Return to Cybertron” epic was the best story I ever read. Now, I know that this may sound like just another fan letter, but I really mean it. I have loved every aspect of this saga.
The writing by Bob Budiansky has been constantly improving as the issues have gone on. He shows the characters’ personalitlies perfectly in both Autobots and Decepticons. I hope his writing continues to improve.
The art by Don Perlin and Akin & Garvey was incredible. I loved the way Cybertron looked int he story. I also liked their renderings of the new Transformers. They have proven to be the best TRANSFORMERS art team.
Even the lettering and coloring were great! Nel Yomtov is very good at accurately coloring each and every new Transformers.
Well, I have commended you in every way that I know how. I have but one request, thought. I would like you to bring back Circuit Breaker. She is my favorite character because she is an enemy to both the Autobots and the Decepticons. I woudl really like you to bring her back int he near future. Well, I hope your comics stay at this level of excellence for a long time to come! The way it is now I can see myself reading TRANSFORMERS forever!
Carrie Goslak
Springtown, PA

Thanks for all your comments, CArrie. We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed the issues. You can see now that Circuit Breaker has indeed come back -with a vengance. Let’s hope that some Transformers survive her onslaught, thought!

Dear Guys,
I’ve just read TRANSFORMERS #19. Loved It! Bring back Skids, but leave the dead Decepticons alone.
I have a few quesitons:
1. Will there be a battle to the death between Optimus Prime and Megatron?
2. Will the dinobots understand what the Autobots cause really is?
3. Will we see more of Omega Supreme, and Devestator?
Stephen Murberson
Albany, GA

Well, you now know that Skids is back, Stephen. Anyway, to answer your questions:
1. As a matter of fact our next issue will contain just such a battle. Only one of them will servive it. Any bets?
2. We hope they will soon. The Autobots are going to severely need their help in the near future!
3. Definitely!

Dear Transformers,
I think that the TRANSFORMERS are the best, and I am especially impressed with the comic series. I have all the TRANSFORMERS issues you’ve ever put out so far, and I think they are wonderful. Bob Budiansky’s plots are spectacular and existing, and they make me wonder what’s going to happen next issue.
I like TRANSFORMERS #19 a lot. I have to say that Don Perlin is one heck of a penciler. The art was fantastic. I’m so glad that Omega Supreme finally appeared and Devastator and the Dinotbots were shown once more. The thing I like best is that Megatron got control of the Decepticons back. The only thing I don’t like about the cmic series is that jerk donny Finkleburg (or “Finky,” as you called him) pretending to be Robot Master. He is one big pain in the diode. Maybe Shockwave should have put him out of commission.
I like the fact that you put Skids in a couple of your issues because he almost never appears in the cartoon series. Skids is a pretty cool Autobot because he likes listening to music.
My little brother, Estevan, says that the TRANSFORMERS are terrific. He collects the TRANSFORMERS toys whenever he has a chance, and he suggests that new Transformers appear in the comic series like the Aerialbot, Combaticons, and the new Autobot Triple changers (hint, hint, hint!)
I hear that a G.I. Joe/Transformers team-up (not for wimps, people) is going to appear very soon. Is this information true? I also hear that the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE is going to come out soon. you better release it before I really hurt somebody (Don’t take that TOO seriously now!).
I’m glad you showed more of Cybertron (issues #17 and #18), but I’m sorry that Sorounge had to die. Please show even more of Cybertron as you put out more issues.
As long as Transformers comics are in business I’ll make it a habit to collect and read all them. Also, your art is very good. Keep up the Excellent work!
Robert Ramirez
Houston, TX

Skids has appeared in a lot of issues since then, Robert. The information about the TRANSFORMERS vs. G.I. Joe is very true. Keep a look out for it.
As for the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE, everyone here in the TRANSFORMERS office has been busily at work on it. As a matter of fact, we’ve finished most of it. Here’s a sneak preview.

Also, as most of you know, we’ve been waiting for a letter from a certain Shingo out there. We;ve received letter from many imitators, but we’re still waiting for the real Shingo. Come on, we’re waiting!

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  1. Good review. This is one of the lamest issues of the series. I agree with you on Megatron slapping Soundwave. He shouldn’t have been to be slapped.

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