Youseph-Transformers-issue-10Transformers issue 10 continues from issue 9 with the introduction on the Constructicons and their combined form of Devastator. These Decepticons have not been seen before in the comics and where able to be created, in part, by the left over Creation Matrix that Optimus Prime Still had in his head.

Issue 10 is shown with Devastator dominating the cover. His head even trespasses over the Transformers Logo at the top of the comic while he single handedly battles with the Autobots. Several of which are taking fire on the lower half of the cover. In the background on a mountainy terrain is what looks like a satellite dish with Soundwave connected it. He is actually hard to make out on the cover, but because I have read it I know it is him who appears connected to the dish with several cables. On the lower right corner of the comic written in bold blue lettering reads, “DAWN OF THE DEVASTATOR!”


Marvels Comics’ Transformers Issue #10: The Next Best Thing to Being There!

Inside this issue Shockwave is able to successfully create his first new Decepticon worriers called the Constructicons who are named, Scrapper, Hook, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Long Haul and Mixmaster. At Shockwaves orders the five new Decepticons leave in their alt modes as construction vehicles on their first mission with Soundwave. Their objective is to build a Transdimensional Tadiowave Scrambler to be used to contact their home planet of Cybertron.

The creation of the Constructicons from this comic book does not align with the 80s cartoon show at all. If Memory serves the cartoon show have two different backstories to how the Constructicons came to be. So there is some debate in the fan community as to which back story is the correct one. I personally tend to lean more to the comic books and their back story then the cartoon on this one. Just because this story of their creation and existence feels solid to me when I read it.

constructiconsG.B. Blackrock gets a tour of the Ark from Autobot Prowl. During the tour they come across Huffer who is trying to repair the interstellar communications system so that he can contact Cybertron. It becomes clear that Huffer is very home sick and because of this he has put off his main assignment to work on the communications system. Prowl spends a moment explaining to Huffer that all the Autobots are home sick, but their main assignment needs to take priority. During this. Blackrock offers the Autobots a way to spy on the Decepticons housed within Blackrock’s Aerospace plant. Blackrock believes that they can listen in on the Decepticons by hacking the aerospace telephone system. This works and using the telephone system the Autobots learn of the Constructicons’ mission.

At a truck stop we meet a trucker by the name of Bomber Bill who is looking forward to getting home to his wife and kids after a long two week haul. He is just getting ready to have a seat when the Constructicons steel his rig and several other trucks for use as raw materials in creating the  Transdimensional Radiowave Scrambler. Bomber Bill goes after the thieves who have stolen his ride and ends up getting a lift by Autobot, Huffer.

DevThe Autobots attack the Constructicons just as they have finished building the  Transdimensional Radiowave Scrambler. Soundwave directs the Constructicons to combine and form Devistator. Devistator moves slower and does not act as smart as when the Constructicons are five separate Decepticons. I guess five robots acting as one giant robot takes a toll on some normal functions. The comic book does a really good job of showing this with the dialog and drawings.

The Autobots are able to distract Devistator while Huffer sneaks by to destroy the scrambler. He hesitates for a costly moment as he ponders that this may be the only chance he will ever have in contacting his home world of Cybertron. His hesitation is just enough to allow Soundwave to power up the scrambler and start sending a signal to Cybertron. Bomber Bill comes by and destroys the scambler with his semi truck, but not before Soundwae is able to get out most of his message to Cybertron. Soundwave seeing the mission as a success and orders the Decepticons back to base.

Shockwave-issue-10I want to point out that one thing that stuck out to me was how Soundwave spoke in this issue. I am so used to how this character talks and behaves on the 80s cartoon show that when he speaks in this issue it just reads and sounds all wrong. I believe this gets better as the story line goes on. I also don’t believe that the cartoon writers and comic book writers didn’t had much, if any, communication with each other beyond what the characters look like and their profile information. That would explain the huge discrepancy I am feeling here. I do believe it this character gets better as time goes on.

prime-and-shockwaveHuffer apologizes to the Autobots for his costly hesitation explaining how homesick he is. Bumber Bill heads home to his family which only makes Huffer feel worse.

Sparkplug Witwicky returns home from his hospital stay to find that Buster has repaired all the automobiles that had been lined up. The boy worries about how he is going to explain to his father about his new powers.

At the Blackrock aerospace plant, Shockwave starts to suspect that Optimus Prime may no longer possess the Creation Matrix. Shockwave tells Optimus that if he finds this to be true he will no longer has any reason to allow Prime to live. The Autobots having successfully hacked the aerospace’s phone system listen to shockwave’s threats on their leader from the Ark. In this issue we also can see Shockwave has been working on creating Jetfire and plans for him to be the next Deception.

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