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Yup, thats right. I don’t own a printer. It cost so much to own a printer in my opinion.

Actually, a printer itself is not that expensive. You can get a really nice printers these days for cheep. It’s just the outrageous cost of printer ink that keeps me from owning one.

I don’t have things I need printed everyday. From time to time I do have documents I need to printed. Sometimes I even want to print photos off for myself or friends and family. It’s not all that often. Maybe once, maybe twice a month I have something I want to print.

When I have something I need printed I will take it to a local print shop. I can print documents and photos for pennies compared tot he cost of buying a printer and ink, and hopping I use it often enough that the ink does not dry up before it’s empty. It’s just not worth the hassle or cost.


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  1. Is the local print shop on the way home from work? There’s a FedEx/Kinkos on the way home from the office, so extra gas isn’t such a hassle, but the amount of time to find parking etc would make it a pain in the rear compared to printing at home.

    I went for a year and a half without a printer and I finally broke down and bought one, along with an extra ink cartridge for $60 extra dollars. I still haven’t made it through the sample ink cartridge and the extra ink cartridge is collecting dust.

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