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The other day at work, I was preparing to meet with a new client here in Juneau. The client is located in downtown Juneau, but I did not know exactly where they where. So I loaded up Google Maps to help me figure out where their office was.

Now, Google Maps does a really great job of helping you find where your going and giving you directions to where you need to go. After I put in the companies address, Google Maps showed me where they where located. I still was not 100% sure of their location or how to get their.

steetview buttonNow normally when this happens I just have Google Maps generate directions for me from my office. But this time was different because I noticed for the first time a new button at the top of Google Maps,”Street View”.

With Street View, you are able to see a 360 degree view of any street in Juneau. I was so blown away by this. I mean, I knew Google has a small fleet of cars setup to take photos of cities like this but i did not think Juneau was going to be on the list anytime soon. With street view I was able to see the actual office of where my meeting was to take place and as a result of seeing the street view picture I realized that I knew where the office was located and I knew out to get there with out any directions.

After my meeting was over and I was done with work for the day I got back on Google Maps to see if I could find my house. I did!

Home On Google Mpas

That’s my truck in the drive way!

Glacier on Google Maps

You can also see the Glacier

Airport on Google Maps
Our Little AirPort.

Govs on Google Maps
Governors Mansion

In using Street View and looking all around Juneau I can tell that all these pictures where taken just over a year a go. This is a pretty cool new feature they have added and I know I will be using it quite a bit. Not every city in the world has street view just yet, but I am sure they are working on it.


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  1. Street view in…. Juneau?! Wow! We aren’t even covered in Seattle yet. FYI, here’s a list of all the cities google maps has covered already:

    * Albany and Schenectady
    * Boise
    * Boston
    * Chicago
    * Dallas
    * Denver
    * Detroit
    * Ft. Worth
    * Houston
    * Indianapolis
    * Juneau
    * Kansas City
    * Las Vegas
    * Los Angeles
    * Manchester
    * Miami
    * Milwaukee
    * Minneapolis
    * New York City
    * Orlando
    * Philadelphia
    * Phoenix
    * Pittsburgh
    * Portland
    * Providence
    * Research Triangle Park, NC
    * Salt Lake City
    * San Antonio
    * San Diego
    * San Francisco Bay Area
    * St. Paul
    * Tucson

  2. Wow. Great Find! Yeah, i am shocked that Juneau was on the list and done so early on. But I guess it’s a small enough city and a capital city at that.

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