In 2005 our investment club manager e-mailed us asking for our opinions on how to invest the money the group had been collecting. I wrote what I felt was the best suggestion I could have made at the time. Below is a copy of the e-mail I wrote our investment club along with Chris’s wrong and inaccurate response.

Now, Back in November 2005 when this e-mail was written Apple’s stock price reach a high of $69.34. Today, Apple’s stock price is valued over $180. Now for thoughts keeping score, this means that Apple’s market value of $158 billion is now four times that of rival PC Macker Dell’s $38 billion.

Whats that Chris? I can’t here you. Cat got your tongue?



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  1. What a stupid response (Chris’s) to a very reasonable and well-thought-out proposal (your’s). “Apple sucks, I vote this down”?? Forgive me, but that seems to lack a legitimate reason why he feels that Apple would be a bad investment. Perhaps next time Chris should present his research to support his argument and help keep himself from sounding like a dumbass.

    Applause to you, my friend, for an excellent stock pick. AAPL’s performance lately has been, dare I say it, legendary!

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