Dice BagsIts been my experience that finding high quality dice bags at local game shops can be difficult. Every decent dice bag I have ever owned, I have ordered on line from one place or another. Off an on through the years, I have told my wife that I thought it would be fun to one day sit down and make our own dice bags. It would give us the freedom to pick the designs out we want.

Dice bag makingsLast weekend we did just that. My wife and I got bitten by the creative bug and started making our own dice bags. After finding a patter online we could use, the two of us headed to our local fabric shop and picked out some fabrics with designs we both liked. That, along with the other bits and pieces we would need to complete the dice bags.

Dice bag sewingWhen we got home we just turned on season one of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ and we both went to work on making dice bags. I did a lot of the cutting while Hannah did a lot of the sewing and teaching me how her sewing machine works. The process of making these bags got faster as we went along and before we knew it we had several bags laying around.

Finished dice bagsWe ended up taking some of these bags down to our local game shop to see if they would sell. Hopefully they will and hopefully they will ask for more because I had a lot of fun making these with my wife and I would like to keep doing it.


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  1. Sweet dice bags! It’s awesome that you are not only creating something you need, but making it available to others as well.

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