With Transformers issue 37, we pick back up with the story of the Throttlebots, and what happened to them after they where captured by RAAT in issue 32, I believe. One has to ask them selves why Grimlock hasn’t wanted to rescue them? He has spent so much time and energy on just one Transformer, Blaster. But before we get into the story and my thoughts on this issue let check out this cover.


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The cover of issue 37 depicts the Predicons casing after Buster and what appears to be three RC toy cars. The cover states, “Mayhem At The Mall!”. With the shops and the look of panic on the people in the background it is easy to see his cover as a mall setting for the Decepticon attack on Buster. I like this cover. I think the Predicons have been drawn well and Buster looks really good too.


Walter Barnett, An Intelligence and Information Institute (Triple-I), operative is getting a lot of heat on the robot issue as his superior, Director Forsythe, increasingly is demanding more results. Since Grimlock took over as leader of the Autobots on earth the Decepticons have been running all around causing problems for humans. chemical plant and construction site raids all over are just a few of the mischievous things they have been getting away with since the Autobots, under Grimlock, have not made the Decepticon threat a priority.


Barnett has a group of Autobots known as the Throttlebots held captive who plea their ignorance of these raids while at the same time trying to explain to Barnett that there are two factions of robots. The Autobots and the Decepticons. Barnett, starts to believe the Throttlebots, but in the end is unable to convince his superiors.


Forsythe only makes things worse by publicly stating that Triple-I will move forward by killing the imprisoned Transformers as a show of force against any possible future robot attacks. Fearing that what he has been told by the Autobots is correct, Barnett removes the Autobots brain modules and places them each in their own battery powered toy RC car. Forsythe has the Autobots destroyed resulting in their bodies being crushed, but the Autobots live on within the toy cars. Out side Triple-I, Barnett is now completely willing to help the Autobots and begins planning with Goldbug to get them back together with their fellow Autobots.


Ratbat, along with the Predacons break into the Triple-I location that is housing the six Autobots to confirm their termination. Those working at Triple-I fright back against the Decepticons but end up easily defeated by the evil Transformers. Ratbat and Razorclaw inspected the crushed cube shapes of the Autobots to determine they are dead but discover none of the cubes show any signs of the Autobot’s brain modules. Ratbat starts tracking them and Forsythe concedes that he was wrong about the existence of Transformer factions.


Walter Barnett, continuing to aid the Autobots, has brought Goldbug to Witwickys’ auto garage. Goldbug believes that Buster is the only human who could safely approach Grimlock anymore. Buster and Barnett drive off and after they are gone Sparkplug is approached by the Predacons and Ratbat and questioned. His Garage ends up pretty messed up after the encounter.


As Barnett and buster travel to the Ark, Goldbug and the other Autobots start to run low on power. Their batteries are running out of juice. Buster stops and a mall to pick up some new batteries when the Decepticons catch up to them and start tearing the place apart in an attempt to locate the Autobots. The Decepticons find that catching the small Autobots is trickery than they anticipated originally. Ratbat stalks Buster to issue his payback for their past encounter. He is rescued by Barnett.


Buster is able to replace the batteries for the Autobots using his boombox.

When the group reaches the location of the ark within Mount St. Hilary, they find that the space craft is not longer present. Buster and Goldbug, working together, still manage to activate the Intergalactic Transceiver, and start sending out a call for Autobot help.


Their efforts are soon interrupted by Ratbat who was hiding away in his tape mode with in Buster’s portable stereo. Ratbat rushes Goldbug in his talons and starts to advance on buster.


My Thoughts On This Issue

For me, this issue was just a fun ride. There are some issues but nothing I couldn’t over look. The most glaring for me was how Buster, uses a button on the front of his tape deck to open up the battery compartment on the back of the unit.

The scene when the Autobots get crushed into cubes was suspenseful and the Decepticon attack on the mall was an adventure. Be it a little silly at times. I found myself quickly flipping through the pages till the end of the story.

Transmission Letters This Issue

Transformers-issue-37-TransmissionsDear Marvel,
Thank you very much for printing two issues of the U.K. TRANSFORMERS. It was very different to see how things looked in their comic as compared to ours. After reading the saga, I was really impressed with the workmanship. “Man of Iron” was a real blockbuster! Also, I’d like to take this time to make a few suggestions you might consider:
1. Trash Ratbat, He gives me the creeps, talking hanging upside-down.Get ride of him.
2. We all know Optimus Prime will be back some time in the future because he exists in the year 2005. The question is – when?
3. Show more of Menasor. We haven’t seen him since that hot battle between him and Superion back in issue #22.
4. And last, but definitely not least, chalk up a vote on my behalf in favor of turning the HEADMASTERS into a continuing series. You guys have done an excellent job on that title and I hope you keep up the great work!
Kathleen Neville
La Jolla, CA

Wow, thanks for all your kind words, Kathleen, we’re gald you enjoyed both TRANSFORMERS and HEADMASTERS. Now we’ll try to address your suggestions:
1. Wait a sec. You want US to get rid of Ratbat. Uh, sorry but we kind of want to live a little longer. But you’re welcome to try if you want to…
2. Ah, a very good question indeed, Kathleen, but it’s one that we can’t answer. Don’t sorry about us, though, we still have 19 years to figure out what we’re going to do!
3. O.K., We’ll try.
4. Thank you for the vote. Apparently you’re not the only one who feels this way. Read on…

Dear Marvel,
When I first saw HEADMASTERS, I never thought it would even come close to TRANSFORMERS. To my surprise, it is one of the best comics that I have ever read. Even my friends love it, so we would simply love it if you would make HEADMASTERS a regular monthly comic. Keep up the good work.
“Yoda” Guilbert

Dear Transmissions,
I just read issue #34. It was great as usual! It’s fun reading stories from other countries. I have a few requests:
1. please make HEADMASTERS a regular monthly series.
2. Make a second TRANSFORMERS MOVIE. Maybe you could experiment with air-bursh animation.
3. Is a new TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE in the works? This time, please include the deluxe vehicles, deluxe Insecticons, and some history. Tell us about dead characters, too, like the MARVEL UNIVERSE’S BOOK OF THE DEAD does. Including Lord Straxus and the humans would be great. Just because they don’t have toys or aren’t on T.V. doesn’t mean they don’t exist!
Keep making the TRANSFORMERS as great as they are now!
Vince Thompson
Norwalk, OK

Glad you like the British TRANSFORMERS, Vince. We’ll count your vote for a regular monthly HEADMASTERS series, too.
The new TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE is coming up soon. It’ll be an update on the first UNIVERSE, and will include plenty of new material.

Dear Transmissions,
Don’t even think it!
You guys seem to have an affinity for killing off or changing or just plain ruining your best characters. Don’t let it happen to the Transformers. Bad enough we have to watch our heroes be slaughtered in TRANSFORMERS – THE MOVIE. Don’t bring it to the pages of the comic book, too! I’m still waiting to see the old Autobots back in action, and I’;; never give up hope on Optimus Prime. Just lay off with the “oil spilling” okay? And while I have your attention, a HEADMASTERS series would suit me just dandy.
Bust scratch that Massacre business.
Morris Hills
Hyde Park, NY

Hey, Morris, calm down. We were only kidding about a TRANSFORMERS Massacre. Although it would make a neat crossover with the HEADMASTERS series you wanted…

Dear Bob, Parkhouse, etc,
Congratulations, Mr. Parkhouse on an excellent story! The British have come and “Man of Iron” was worth the interruption on the fate of Blaster. It was especially interesting to see how you fellows overseas portray everyone’s favorite mechanical men… although I did miss the usual snide comments the Decepticons usually hurl at the Autobots during their battles/
It was also nice to see the old characters again especially Mirage and Starscream (my favorites), not to mention ol’ Op (even if it was brief). Another interesting thing about “Man of Iron” was the way the characters were drawn… they look exactly like the figures!
Okay, Bob. Where’s the Megster? He shows up all decked out in red, orange and blue on the cover of issue #33, and I begin to think that maybe he’ll return next issue, thrust into a time wrap back to the fourteenth century, and not a Cyberton at all! Since he didn’t return, I guess I can continue to make it a safe bet he’s on Cybertron, in the hands of his fellow Decepts, giving him a new “galvatronic” body?
To close off, I would like to add my name to the (hopefully) growing lists of people who demand to have you guys make the HEADMASTERS as an unlimited series. You started it, but that doesn’t mean you have to finish it! Until Shockwave learns to meaning of “personality,” Make Mine Marvel.
Tori Bergquist
Sam Simon, AZ

All right, already, we get the message. No promises, people, but we do have a massive stack of pro-HEADMASTERS fan mail. Stack around and see what happens.

I must admin, two years ago i thought the Transformers were dumb. I mean, cars that turn into robots?! Come on! Someone should have given me a good swift kick. I can’t believe I waited so long to become a TRANSFORMERS fan.
Some of the characters are really lovable, like Blaster, Skids, and Prime. I like how each Transformer is different, how each one views everything differently. It’s neat! (No feelin’!)
One moment, The Autobots and the Decepticons are in the middle of a war which has gone on for millions of years. A war in which friends and foes fall, never to hold another laser again, and Freeway asks Blaster how long it’s been since he’s polished his feet! Gimme a break! (Ha! Ha! Ha! Hee!!) (Snort) Ahem.
Okay, fine. Great. I pick up issue #33 intent on seeing that jerk Grimlock kick Blaster in his earphone jack. You know, I liked what I saw instead. Anyway, I really hope you have more issues with stories from England. I didn’t really want to see Blaster’s tush kicked, anyway.
Maybe you can ask someone, but I’ve always wanted to know if Optimus Prime ever smiles? Perhaps it may be that he has no lips? What do you guys think?
I know you hear it from everyone, but why Grimlock? At first I thought that maybe there was hope for him. The last few issues haven’t been very promising. But if the Autobots want to give him a chance, then so will i.
You guys workin’ on the TRANSFORMERS mag are really doing a terrific job. The stories are wonderful, the art is dazziling. Wow!
Leadville, CO

I’m trying to picture Optimus’s lips… Mona Lisa he ain’t!!!”

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  1. Do you think the Headmasters 4 issue series should be read before this issue? At the end there is a message that Buster and Goldbug sent out. Then the comic says this message was the same message the Headmasters got in Headmasters #4. Just curious on your thoughts. I read the series your way so far, this just stuck out a little more than the GI Joe #3 and Transformers #26 Prime funeral crossover. Which I still am not so sure how to place just yet.

    1. Yeah Tim, I noticed that too. I guess my thoughts are I am ok with reading the books in this order. Several other sites online also suggest this same reading order. Its not so much of a difference that I find it distracting. I would guess that Marvel did their best to make sure these books came out in a way that it would not affect the reader to much. I am sure there was a level of uncertainty there and that they did the best they could with what they new. So yeah, I noticed it, but wasn’t really bothered by it.

  2. BTW I have to thank you. I have had this whole collection sitting in a box for over 20 years and it has been a blast reading the series with you. Thanks for you outline and by no means am I trying to be negative 🙂 Just finished Headmasters #1 – still trying to catch up to you!

    1. Thank you Tim! I started reviewing these comics because I wanted to reread them and I thought it would help cement them in my mind if I wrote about them after I was done. Since I have started I have heard from several people like yourself or are either reading along with me or trying to catch up with me. I think that is great! Feel free to comment along and ad your own thoughts. I would love to hear them.

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