Youseph-Transformers-issue-18Issue 18 of Marvel’s Transformers continues the Cybertron story started in the last issue with the Autobots trying to stop the Decepticons from activating the space bridge to Earth. This issue also marks the return of Robot-Master and truths between Megatron and Shockwave.

The bright cover of issue 18 depicts the Decepticon fortress, Darkmount in white with a bright green background. Lord Straxus and Blaster battle it out front and center, over the space bridge with Straxus striking blaster on the head with a mighty swing with what appears to be an energy charged, Axe? Pick axe? War hammer? Blaster fires back at Straxus, with his weapon, missing his intended target. The Transformers logo at the top of the comic is white this time. “BLASTER AND STRAXUX BATTLE…” Hangs just below the Transformers logo in bright Yellow. “…BETWEEN TWO WORLDS!” rests at the bottom of the book, almost center.

The comic opens up on a couple out for a drive through the Columbia River Gorge. Seemingly, out of know were, they come across a large bridge. They discover that the bridge only goes about half way across to the other side. Strange metal creatures appear on the bridge and quickly explode in front of them. The couple flees just in time before the bridge disappears into nothing.

We jump back to Cybertron, where Straxus is upset because the space bridge has returned from earth without being commanded to. Straxus contacts Spanner, a scientist held hostage who designed the space bridge. Spanner is able to identify the flaw that caused the space bridge to return. Straxus has no concerns over the fact one of his own soldiers perished in the test. Blaster is watching the scene unfold in the background, while hunting for Spanner. The space bridge is shut down until repairs can be completed.


From the coal mine on Earth, Donny Finkleberg (a.k.a. Robot-Master) continues to make television broadcasts for the Decepticons to convince the human race that Autobots are evil. Finkleberg complains about his working conditions do Megatron who is getting tired of his complaining.

Shockwave arrives shortly after and he and Megatron argue about who is to leave the Deceoptions. A message from Straxus comes in stating he is planning to open the space bridge. Because of this new information Megatron and Shockwave agree to a truce. Finkleberg feels the need to warn the Autobots.



On Cybertron, the Autobots mount a full scale attack on Darkmount having been unable to located Spanner. With the Decepticons engaged in the battle, Blaster tries to destroy the space bridge. He only hesitates when he discovers that Spanner himself has actually been rebuilt into the space bridge itself. This hesitation allows the Decepticons to discover Blaster and attack him, which stops him from completing his plan.

The bridge activates under Straxus’ orders and battle between the Autobots and Decepticons continues on the bridge. Blaster is able to disable the bridge systems and kicks Straxus over the bridge, killing him. The Autobots flee over the bridge before it disappears stranding the Transformers on earth.

My Thoughts On This Issue

I really like the cover art with this issue. Maybe it’s my nostalgia for this book talking, but I remember this being one of the first Transformers comic books I picked up that day I discovered them at Stamp & Coin. My eyes love the white city with the green background.

The story it’s self takes place mostly in Cybertron. revealing more of the Transformers’ home word. Something that has not been shown since the first issue of the comic.

I don’t have a lot more to add about this issue other than it was solid and the ending really left me wanting more. With these new Autobots from Cybertron, now stuck on earth I am eager to pick up issue 19 and read what happens next.

Transmission Letters This Issue

Transformers-Issue-18-TransmissionsDear Transmissions,
TRANSFORMERS #13 was an exceptional comic. The story was great! It was a big change from the usual types of issues. I liked it because it dealt with human emotions. I also enjoyed the small amount of inhumanity thrown in by Megatron after he reverted back to his normal self. The fact that he almost killed the man who revived him shows that he is the best leader for the Decepticons. This is because he doesn’t let feelings stand in the way of victory.
the art in this issue was great also. I especially liked the way that all of the robots were drawn. I hope that the present artist, Don Perlin, Stays on the book forever. the only thing I didn’t like about this issue was that there was no letter column. I hope to see it back in these pages soon!
Shannon Smith
St. Paul, VA

Dear Sirs,
First, I would like to say that I am 23 years old and have been reading your comics since the late sixties. recently, my eight year=old cousin, Shingo, urged me to read his copy of TRANSFORMERS #13. I hadn’t been reading comics lately and Shingo hoped that this would renew my interest in them. He promised me that it was THE coolest comic available and that it was way cooler than (my old personal favorite) the FANTASTIC FOUR, or any of the other “old” comics that I’d read during my youth. cooler than the FF? That would have to be a pretty impressive book, I thought.
After reading the comic, I was impressed! I told Shingo that TRANSFORMERS was at least as cool as the FF, et. al., if not cooler. Shingo hesitantly agreed (perhaps, sympathetic of my childhood heroes) and we concurred that Marvel’s latest effort is state of the art. Your staff is fantastic!
Keep up the great work, guys, on all of your books. Shingo and I will both be reading your comics for a long time to come.
John Kamatani
San Mateo

Wow, Jon, we all had to put our sweaters on after reading your letter! We had no idea we were that cool. But seriously, thanks. We hope that both you and Shingo keep reading TRANSFORMERS and FANTASTIC FOUR, for a long time to come.

Dear Mike,
I thoroughly enjoyed TRANSFORMERS #13. It was totally awesome! I was wondering what had happened to Megatron, and you people definitely read my mind in making this issue. Megatron acted exactly the way I thought he would in such a situation. You handled it beautifully.
I sincerely hope that the comic will stay this good. It is a pleasure to read, and I eagerly anticipate the release of TRANSFORMERS #14. Thank you for a job well done. you have made one TRANSFORMERS fan very happy.
Milo Rogers
Vorhees, NJ

Hey, Shingo–does this meanMilo thinks we’re cool?

Dear Bob,
TRANSFORMERS 13# was great. you guys were sooo right about that being a really off-beat story. Megatron is my favorite character and I have been worrying about what was going on with him. Boy if I had Megatron as my servant, that would be great. He is the coolest Decepticon around.
On a different subject, though, I was wondering why there aren’t any female Transformers? hey, we’re in the eighties now, Bob. Male dominance is a thing of the past. Robots shouldn’t be any different from humans. you have me thinking that you guys are male chauvinist or something! Come on, guys, let’s have some female Autobots tangling with Megatron and Shockwave. Maybe you can even have a love interest for Optimus Prime! Please consider my suggestions. I think that you would really benefit from the addition of a Female Transformer.
JoAnn teen
Honolulu, HA

That settles it, Shingo, you’ve officially started a craze–even people in Hawaii think we’re cool! Our Transformers comic just might put Emerson Air conditioners out of business!
But seriously, JoAnn, you’ve got a point. there definitely seems to be a serious lack of femininity within the pages of TRANSFORMERS. But, in the near future, you will be seeing a female Autobot. It will not be in these pages thought, but in the upcoming TRANSFORMERS film (which Marvel just happens to be adopting in a three-issue limited series–so be on the lookout).

Dear Guys,
Words cannot describe how I feel about your TRANSFORMERS comic. TRANSFORMERS #14 is just another in a long line of great issues. I really love what Bob Budiansky is doing with the book. The art by Don Perlin is really impressive, too.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this issue of TRANSFORMERS. I like seeing the Autobots in human situations and watching how they deal with people. It was fun to have the Autobots at a gas station and at the gates of the concert arena. I often wonder how I would act if I heard a car talk but saw no driver. It’s kind of scary in a way! I also really enjoyed the plot of the Decepticons to take the sound from the concert to further their own evil ends. That was a good idea, Bob.
In upcoming issues, I would like to see more big fight scenes. Now don’t get me wrong, guys, it’s good to see character development once in a while, but to me, nothing beats some good combat between two giant robots. Listen, I want to see Optimus Prime bang some Decepticons heads. that really makes my day! Well, gotta run. Keep up the good work. I know you will!
Robtert Fuentes
Boise, ID

Dear Bob and Mike,
I Just finished TRANSFORMERS #14. It was incredible. Right now, thought, I have a few questions for you.
1. Will Megatron become the Decepticon leader again? I sure hope so
2. Will we see the Aerialbots, Stunticons, and Omega Supreme?
3. Where is Circuit Breaker?
4. Will Optimus Prime always be the Autobot Commander?
5. Will TRANSFORMERS ever be a weekly comic?
6. Why don’t the Autobots prove to all of the nations that they are actually the good guys, and they are trying to help mankind fight the Decepticons?
Well, I just ran out of Questions. Thank you for listening.
George Hanson
Hallock, MN

Wow, that’s a lot of questions, George, but we’ll try and answer all of them:
1. Well, by this time you know the answer to this question.
2. They’re on the way, George, so keep your eyes open for ’em.
3. She is not around right now, but you can be sure that the Transformers have not seen the last of her.
4. Until a more qualified Autobot comes along, Optimus Prime will remain in command. so far, there have been no complaints. Except, of course from the Decepticons.
5. What’re you tryin’ to do – KILL US?!
6. The Autobots have been trying to explain themselves to mankind for a while. Hopefully, mankind will eventually listen – we’re going to need all the help the Autobots can give!

Dear Mike,
I am a hardcore TRANSFORMERS fan. As such, I have every issue ever put out by you guys and I think that they are all great! As a renowned authority on TRANSFORMERS. I congratulate all of you. The story, the art, the personalities of each Transformer, everything is perfect. I hope that you bring in new characters soon like the Stunticons and Insecticons. that would really make me happy.
TRANSFORMERS #14 was great! I loved the fact that you added the Constructicons to the group. Well, keep up the spectacular work, guys, and as Optimus Prime would say, “May your luster never dull, and your wires never cross.”
Colin Braumiller
Orlando, FL

Wait a minute! We just realized something – if Shingo thinks we’re so cool, how come he didn’t write to us himself?! How about it, Shingo, we want to hear from you directly! Well- We’re waiting!

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