Whoa! Issue number 2 of Headmasters kind of blew me away. I was not expecting what happened to happen at all. Prior to doing these reviews, I had read a lot of Transformers comic books, but I by no means read them all. So, I am getting the chance to read issues and learn about stories I had no clue about. The whole Headmasters Limited series is a good example of this as, I had not read these before. Issue 2 picks right up where issue 1 left off. The story really picks up pace with this issue. But first, lets check out this comic book cover art.


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The cover for Transformers: Headmasters issues 2 features Scorponok, front and center and looking larger than life. With in his pincers are two Nebuloneons, (hey, you know a better way to spell it?) with several of the others fleeing for their lives on the bottom of the cover. Over head we see several areal Decepticons flying while Scorponok fires a laser like blast from his scorpion like tail. Most of the cover has a blue sky background. I think this is a great cover. Scorponok is rendered very well by the artist and just pops on the page.


Ever since the Autobots landed on Nebulos, the citizens of this planet have felt that their 10,00 plus years of peace is threatened. Mostly do to misinterpretations between the
Autobots and the Nebulons first few encounters with each other. Demonstrations by the planets inhabitants have broken out all over. As a member of the “Council of Peers”, Galen searches for a solution to ease the escalating tensions of his people. In an attempt to break up a fight, Galen is punched for his efforts. Then we have Lord Zarak who is the opposite of Galen. He is trying to use the current uprising in a way to advance his own political career. In fact, it is he who has pay rolled several of the protesters to keep the people protesting out of fear. The current debate within the “Council of Peers” is somewhat calmed when Gort appears and is able to explain that his injuries where an accident and not a result of a robot attack on him.


Galen consults with the head of Fortress Maximus. Zarak goes of to speak with the other Autobots who are int he the middle of building a home. Though Zarak is acting good he is secretly trying to secure the communication frequencies needed to communicate with Cybertron. Then Zarak uses a facility owned by Grax, to call Cybertron for help removing the Autobots from his planet.


Scorponok receives Zarak’s message after having invaded the Autobot’s deserted base on Cybertron. The order is given by Scorponok to transport to Nebulos.


Once the Decepticons arrive on Nebulos, they start to attack the Capital city of Koraja in an effort of getting it’s citizens to hand over the five captive Autobots. Thought the Nebuloneons work to defend their city it becomes clear to Duros and Galen that they can’t hold off the Decepticons forever. They will need help from the Autobots. Galen does not feel he can reattached Fortress Maximus’ head to his body. This is because it would violate the terms of the peace agreement between these two people’s. Galen is concerned he would lost the trust of his people if he did that. It is then that Fortress Maximus reveals to Galen that their is a way for the Nebuloneons to control the Autobots themselves.


With a group of Nebuloneon volunteers a process called “binary bonding’ is started with the Autobots who gave their heads in the last issue. Llyra begs Galen not to volunteer. Galen feels he has to lead by example. Soon the five Nebuloneons are bio-engineered into the heads of the captive Autobots. This process creates the first Headmasters. The Nebuloneons control the Autobots bodies while the Autobots maintain contact with the Nebuloneons they now house in their heads. This results in a quicker thanking and reacting Transformers. The group is sent to attack the Decepticons. The battle ends with Scorpnok ordering his forces to retreat so they can learn more about these new Headmasters.


After the battle with the Decepticons, the Autobots make their way back through the damaged city of Koraja. The people beneath them watch in fear until the Autobots disconnect their heads the heads transform back into their Nebuloneon forms. They are then treated as heroes. Llyra is unhappy with Galen because he has become a machine of war in her eyes. She wants nothing to do with him.


My Thoughts On This Issue

So the big, jaw dropping scene for me was when the Nebuloneons where “Binary Bonded” to the heads of the Autobots. I didn’t see that coming. Thinking about it really hard now, I remember the Headmaster toys looking a little humanish. But it was something that kept me turning the page eagerly with this issue.


I feel ashamed with myself because I am this big Transformers geek and I was just caught totally off guard by this. The fun part of the whole thing is that I am not only reliving a lot of these old adventures I grew up with, but I am also getting a chance to take part in new ones. Well new for me. New because I never read them before. Which is so great honestly. I am really enjoying this ride through the mythology.

I had some problems with the few battle scenes in this issue. Especially with the last one. It was really difficult for me to tell what was going on. I was very reliant on the test to help me out.


Transformers: Headmasters issue 2 is a solid book. It has its faults, but a lot of the issues do. I really enjoyed it. I hope you will let me know what you thought of it.

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