Last week I noticed Instagram user, Aaron Burt had posted up his find of a box of G1 Transformers Valentines. He found them on a recent trip to the store. So naturally when I went to the store yesterday I checked out the valentines display that had just gone up. Sure enough they had G1 Transformers Valentine’s! Being the sucker for anything G1, I had to pick some up for myself.


Arron Burt’s find was of Valentines that sported the original Optimus Prime on the front of the box is 1980s Transformers art. The Valentines that I found where G1, but featured Bumblebee on one box and Powermaster Optimus Prime.


The Bumblebee box features 27 lenticular valentines. So the picture changes as you hold the cards at different angles. The Powermaster Optimus Prime box features 34 valentines and 35 temporary tattoos. I still don’t know what the box of the original Optimus Prime contains, but I will continue to keep my eyes open for it the next time I am at the store.


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