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This last weekend I ran my first game of Dungeons and Dragons ever, and it went so well! I don’t think it could have gone any better.

Six of us, including Hannah and myself gathered at a near by friends house to setup and play. Snack food was being layed out as I setup the battlemat (I wrote about this battlemat earlier) on the dinning room table along with my Dungeon Master Screen, note books, scratch paper  and dice. Soon everyone gathered around the table to play.

I began the game by telling the story of Sir Robert Tembelton who was protecting the small village of Crowking. The adventures in my group where hired by Tembelton to help him protect the village from a growing evil. But when my group of new adventures arrived that found that Sir Tembelton had left to investigate a local cole mine as reports of undead threaten the farming community.

The game lasted two days. The players even used a mine cart with the dead Sir Robert Tembelton strapped to it to plow through the mine.

I had so much fun and there was so much roll playing!

To Be Continued…


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    1. Thanks for asking.

      My game has a Deva Warlock, Dragon Born Sorcerer, Half-Orc Avenger, Clerk, and a Shifter Druid.

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