Is owning an Apple product a status symbol to people, like owning a thousand dollar suit? This idea was recently presented to me because of the iPhone. The company I work for has been working with iPhones more and more setting them up for our clients. This has basically been the result of AT&T finally coming to Juneau Alaska and making the iPhone available to all the local’s here.

Some of our clients are not hesitating when it comes to getting an iPhone. However others remain skeptical. One case in particular, the owner of one of the companies we service is most reluctant in letting her staff use an iPhone because she feels they are only want one for the “status symbol” is provides.

This caught me off guard a bit. “Status symbol?” I asked myself. I really never looked at it that way. I have used Apple products most of my life because, quite simply, they just work. I never got an Apple computer or device because I wanted be the cool kid on the block. No, I got Apple products because they worked and where easy to use.

For the last several years I have worked in some form of I.T. or another. A vast majority of my time has been addressing issues with Microsoft Windows. I am reminded on a daily bases why I don’t own a Windows based computer. Microsoft pays my bills, plain and simple. When I come home, it’s to a Macintosh based Apple computer that just works. The last thing I want to do at the end of a day (or my weekend for that matter) is spend one moment troubleshooting computers.

But the quesiton here is; are people in Juneau getting iPhones because of the status symble they feel it provides? Maybe, I guess. I can say this, Every iPhone I have setup for a client since AT&T came to Juneau has worked. I have not had one follow up call asking for any kind of assistance at all. To me, that is a mark of a great product. I wish I could say the same about the BlackBerry phones everyone around here used to use.


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  1. Yes it is totally now a “status symbol” but only in the yuppie community and those that think that if you own a Mac that somehow you have 10% more brainpower than say your average person. It is a myth based on Sex in the City because that is what Carrie had. To me, it just means you want to be different. By the way Yosh, when I go home it is to a Bitchin ass gaming rig – that works and plays GAMES. Like NEW GAMES not Frogger and the occasional cross platform game like W.O.W. Computers having issues daily is a myth as well, that is Windows 98 stigma that is total bs. Do they have issues? Yes they do all pc’s do – Even your precious Macs (cos they are not a computer) that enshrine your Steve Jobs life size cardboard stand up.
    The nice thing is that when you network PC’s you can actually get to the nuts and bolts to troubleshoot at a gui level, unlike your shiny fruit based system.

    Love me

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