Dear Michael Bay,

I would like to invite you to see Batman: The Dark Night which opened in theaters this last weekend. It will give you the chance to see what a good movie adaptation of a comic book looks like. I am hopping that if you can see this picture before it leaves theaters you might be able to save movie audiences from the cinematic abortion that will be Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and maybe make a good movie instead. You know, one that is not an embarrassment to Transformers fans.

Youseph Tanha


The host of the YOSHICAST and TRANSMISSIONS Podcast. Transformers enthusiast and comic book collector.

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  1. Not that it would make any difference to Michael Bay, but Transformers isn’t a comic book movie adaptation. It’s an adaptation of a silly and sometimes stupid cartoon into a silly and sometimes stupid movie.

    But I gotta say that the one and only reason I liked Bay’s Transformers movie is because it managed to finally bring completely photo-realistic giant robots to the screen. As much as I even hated the character design changes, I still marvel at how “there” they are in the scene. The main thing that I never thought they could do…they got absolutely right. Unfortunately, everything else (like characters and plot) suffered because of it.

    I don’t have any doubt that TF2 will be any different in that regard, but give me totally real giant robot action (and throw in a shot of Megan Fox or two) and I just might be all right.

  2. @Robert – If Michael Bay’s Transformers is a Movie adaptation of the Cartoon show and not the comic book, then the movie is still highly incarcerate. Toss out the look at the feel of the giant robots. The names of several characters where wrong. Lets toss out names as well as the look and feel of the giant robots. The story line they came up with dose not even come close to anything in the cartoon (or the comic).

    You are right about the robots. The robots looked great on the big screen thanks to I.L.M. and their great artists. They do amazing work. But why not just make a movie with a bunch of robots blowing shit up. The movie could be called “Robots Blowing shit Up” and I would be perfectly happy with it. I would not be spending time on my personal blog pointing out everything wrong with the movie.

  3. To broaden the subject a bit, Hollywood in general has a tendency to ruin movies that come from either comic books or animated shows. There have been more misses than hits.

    I shudder to think what M. Night Shyamalan is going to do with the Avatar movie. I only wish it was Peter Jackson instead. Though I’m not crazy about what he did with King Kong…which is another subject all together.

  4. But why not just make a movie with a bunch of robots blowing shit up. The movie could be called “Robots Blowing shit Up” and I would be perfectly happy with it.

    Ha, that’s a good idea, but Hollywood would never make a movie like that because then it’d only be us hardcore TF geeks going to watch it instead of the millions of regular Joes that turned out in droves last year.

    Don’t get me wrong. I agree with what you’re saying about Michael Bay and his stupid movies, but somehow I can still find something to enjoy in Transformers, a movie that I should despise completely.

    In other news, The Dark Knight breaks records like nobody’s business! WOO-HOO! 😀

  5. Why did you go see TF1 when you knew it would blow?
    More to the point why are you going to see TF2 knowing its going to blow and only melvins like that crap?
    Stop blogging about that ass sucking movie and the dry dockers that watch it…
    Like yourself.
    Good day to you sir.

    Your brother

  6. @Abe, I saw the TF1 because at the time I was in denial. You have to understand that I have been waiting for that movie my whole life. Only to be left stunned at how messed up the end result was. As for TF2, I will not be seeing it. However, I will be making fun of the trailer when it hits the internet, or the tubes as the my states senator calls it.

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