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This episode of the YOSHICAST is different. With permission from my co-hosts over at the TransMissions Podcast, I’ll be sharing with you a never before seen project I’ve been working on. The Transformers Classic Comic Reviews.

Over at TransMissions, we hear from people who miss the Classic Comic Reviews segment. What you’re about to listen to is an effort we made to bring that segment back, but for one reason or another we just didn’t feel the time was right to being it back or how we should bring it back.

Take a listen to this and let me know what you think. I’m interested in your ideas on how we might be able to bring this back into the TransMissions podcast, or maybe it should find it’s home here on the YOSHICAST.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction: 00:00
  • Classic Comic Reviews Episode 1 (CCRE-1), Intro: 02:39
  • (CCRE-1) TransMissions: Age Of Extinction Review: 03:22
  • (CCRE-1) Who Is Bo?: 04:00
  • (CCRE-1) Rapid Fire With Bo: 05:56
  • Classic Comic Reviews Episode 2 (CCRE-2), Intro:  13:11
  • (CCRE-2) Review Starts: 13:48



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  1. Hey Yoshi, I just wanted to to leave a quick comment and let you know that I really enjoyed this episode. I miss the Classics Review and would love to see it return to the main Transmissions Show but I also understand that you guys have time constraints that you have to adhere to. Therefore I am totally in favor of you continuing the reviews here on your podcast, maybe you could do the reviews once a month or do them biweekly, it’s totally up to you. Please continue to do them as they bring back great memories for me. I remember buying a lot of those issues off of the spinner racks and reading them over and over for days at a time. Well I gotta run and my quick comment has turned into a novel, so be well up there in AK and keep waving the G1 flag because I will be as well!!

    1. Hello Tom,

      Thanks a whole lot for the feed back. I love it.

      Glad you liked how we did the classic Transformers review. Bo and I had a whole lot of fun doing them. I have three more episodes that I will put up in the future. Bo has also expressed an interest in continuing these reviews with me. So, we’ll see how it works out. If I get a few more comments like yours it might just end up back on the TransMissions podcast.

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