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On this Spoiler filled movie review edition of the YOSHICAST, we dive deep into the new DeadPool Movie. I’m joined by my wife, Hannah and friend Bo as we talk about how much we absolutely love this film.

HoYoshiCast Logosts:

Show Notes:

  • Intro: 00:00
  • Getting In The Care: 01:10
  • R Rating and Budget Cuts: 11:15
  • Colossus Can Breath Under Water: 16:23
  • Cable : 18:20
  • Titties: 22:54
  • All About Bob: 23:51
    • “ In the climactic battle scene, Deadpool runs into an old colleague of his named Bob (Rob Hayter), who’s now working as one of Ajax’s henchmen. They pause fighting long enough to exchange some pleasantries, with Deadpool asking Bob about his wife and such. It’s a funny moment even if you haven’t read the comics, but if you’re a reader you may have recognized it as a sneaky little Easter egg. Bob, you see, is a reference to Bob, Agent of Hydra, a frequent sidekick of Deadpool’s in the comics. And like other Hydra agents, he’s property of Marvel Studios”
  • Baby Hands and Healing Powers: 28:27


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  1. Yoshi don’t be mad for this but I won’t be listening to this anytime soon. I just haven’t seen the movie yet and want to see it first. Though I do hope to try and go soon to see it. So no offense to you Mighty Yoshi !!!

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