The Last of Us‘ is a video game that I have been playing for the past couple of weeks. A video game that I hesitate calling a video game. Normally when you hear the words “Video Game” you think Asteroids, Pac-Man,  Mario Brothers, or Dead or Alive. This game is not like any of those games. I don’t think they have come up with a good way of describing it, I just know that “video game” is not right. Interactive Movie sounds better to me.


‘The Last of Us’, does in fact play more like a movie. A movie that you get to participate in. The story line is really well thought out and left me guessing through out the whole experience. My wife and I both let out some gasps of shock through out the game as the characters kept having to deal with intense situations. There is also the whole zombie scary shock aspect that had us both jumping out of our seats. It’s also a story that will tug hard and any fathers heart strings.


If you get a chance to play this game I hope you will. I think we are seeing the start of a new kind of entertainment here with this game.


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