Folgers Coffee made the month of December hysterical for me to the point that I would be laughing so hard tears would poor down my face. Let me explain.

Whenever Hannah and I go to our TV to watching something on Hulu, the online audio and video media dispensary often subjects us to the same two or three ads over and over again. During the month of December one of the most frequent ads Hannah and I where subjected to was the Folgers Coffee Christmas Commercial. Its not a new ad by any means. I think I first saw it two years ago. But for the month of December this ad was on an overly abused rotation.

Here it is for your reference:


This Folgers ad was played so much on hulu in fact, that I started to pay attention to it. (repetition sadly works) Then I started to analyse it. Doesn’t it seem like the scene where the sister putting the bow on the brother’s shirt and says “you’re my present” come off just a little to flirty? A little bit, dare I say it, incestuous even?

Once I homed in on this, I started to ad lib some responses the brother could make after the sister says “You’re my present”. I would say in my deep, almost Dr. Claw like voice, things like:

  • Tonight you can unwrap me.
  • Just wait till mom and dad go back to sleep.
  • I want you too
  • Thats right. Your eighteen now arn’t you?

This would put myself, Hannah, and any guests we have over into a laughing fit.

Apparently, I am not the only one out there who found this ad to be a little to “Family Friendly”. At least one person on youtube made a couple of miner edits to show the love this brother and sister have for each other.


Actually, I think the parents in the commercial are to blame. This whole brother/sister love could have been completely avoided if the parents had just picked up their son from the airport rather then letting him take a cab home. I guess the parents would rather sleep in then be responsible  But then again, since the sister stayed up all night maybe it was just unavoidable.

ACTUALLY, if Hulu just quit playing the same ads over and over and over again like a scratched record  I never would have thought about it this much and not bothered to write a post about it.

A C T U A L L Y, Why are people who pay for Hulu subjected to ads in the fist place?


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