This quote was found on the first post of this Zenoss forum. It was written by user ‘bithajcsar’.

Open source in general, is only for those, who do not have any serious responsibility.

Now, I do feel that I should express that I love the idea of Open Source, and I think very highly of enthusiastic open source programers. But, their is a reason why open source is not as widely used.


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  1. You’re quoting a troll?! Don’t forget that LOTS of the software you and I use daily is open source. Linux, Apache, MySQL, RT…

  2. @Lyle, I have not forgotten sir. I have my reasons for using open source software as little as Possible. You know me well enough to know that. There is a reason why I don’t use Linux for my desktop. There are valid reasons why I don’t use open source graphic software. There are reasons why I don’t use open source text editors.

    Yes my website uses Linux, Apache, MySQL to run. But it’s a personal blog used for fun and only fun. I don’t make money. I am not going to lose my job if it comes crashing down one day.

  3. @Suge, Yes I do. You know better then to ask me that. You also know what my response going to be.

    Yes the under pining OS for the Macintosh interface is a form of BSD UNIX. But it just works, and I think we should explore why that is.

    It’s because Apple pays their programmers to insure that the OS is stable. Apple also has their own quality control processes that their products must past through before being shipped. Don’t think for one second that they just take BSD out of the box and slap the Macintosh GUI on top of it, then sell it to millions. They do under the hood work to UNIX to ensure it will be stable for their hardware and their customers.

    The end product is NOT something that was built from the free time and good will of open source programmers. unfortunately for the open source, all of these reasons are why it just works.

  4. There is open source software running the electrical power grid for the US right now. There is open source software running space probes and robots on other planets. There is open source software running on everything from the highest throughput routers on the internet to your wall thermostat.

    The most important thing running Mac OS is a computer in some hipster’s loft in SoHo.

    Also, I have to laugh about the BSD comment. Apple decided to resurrect the worst form of BSD ever to exist: NeXTSTEP. Of course they just did this so Jobs could save face after the massive failure of NeXT, Inc.

  5. @Alex, Can you call the software that is sitting on the chips on the Mars Rover Open Source? I have no doubt NASA uses open source software. But has it been modified by them to suit their needs? Have they made their modifications available to the open source community? I have the same questions for router manufacturers, and for the people running power grids all over the world. I just don’t have the answers to thoughts questions yet.

    If they all contribute their knowledge and changes back to the open source community then I should stand corrected. I would be happy to find that out because then I would have learned something today I didn’t know before.

    But if that is not the case, I don’t understand how it can be still called open source.

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