So you’ve got a card collection and you want to keep the whole thing safe. You want to preserve it. You want to archive it. You want to make sure your grandchildren can enjoy them. In this latest YOSHICAST video, let’s explore what it would take to keep your football cards safe for your Grandchildren. This solution is not just limited to the preservation and archival storage of football cards. This solution can be used for your baseball cards. Your hockey cards. Your basketball cards. You can even use this to keep your Magic The Gathering, Pokèmon, and Yugioh cards safe. All through the use of Ultra Pro’s One-Touch magnetic cases.

So, you want to archive your football cards, your baseball cards, your basketball cards, even your Magic the Gathering cards. And why shouldn’t you? You spent good money on these cards. Be it for the investment or just for the love of collecting cards. You should be willing to take care of them. Honestly, that’s part of the fun of the hobby.

Ultra Pro One-Touch Case
Bags for One-Touch case
White Cotten Gloves
Dehumidification devices


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  1. This video is a little different than the ones I generally make. I was also a little under the weather so my voice gets a bit gravely sounding. But I hope you are able to take away something from it. Do you have any tips or suggestions about card preservation you want to share?

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