I’ve been the cohost of the Transmissions Podcast for less than a year and I’m blown away by our acceptance into the Transformers community and fandom. Charles, Jeremy, Darryl and myself are getting positive feed back to the show almost daily now. It’s very heart warming and humbling all at the same time.

On our podcast we regularly record a section called ‘Listener Feedback’ where we read feedback that our listeners have submitted to us. E-mails, an iTunes review or even a blog comment. We gather all those words up and read them on the show and respond to any questions or just thank the listener for their time commenting.

Well, we recently had a listener go above and beyond. Araish, wrote into the show to show off his support.


Tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m going to write YOUR name on the highest floor in the condo we’re building (I’m a sheet metal foreman in Toronto). That way, decades from now, when people have to service the building, or in a century or two when the building comes down, YOUR name will be on that building… and someone will think of you. I’ll even take a picture of it next to my hard hat, which has an Autobot symbol on it.

A day or so later we all got e-mailed photos of his promise. Araish hand wrote all four of our names and the title of the show on the 33rd story of a condominium he is building in Toronto Canada.


And I’m speechless. This is just so cool! I mean really, wow!

Thank you, Araish, for your kind words and for immortalizing us 33 stories up.


The host of the YOSHICAST and TRANSMISSIONS Podcast. Transformers enthusiast and comic book collector.

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  1. That’s just too awesome of Araish to that.!! The Transmission Team deserves that, big shout out , love and support!! I hope you ppl tune to you, my friends!! You Guy’s just ROCK!! Yoish awesome blog keep the great work.!!

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