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In the mid-1970’s parents were nervous about RPGs. Concerns were fuelled by inaccurate and sensational media reports that re-branded D&D as a cult. This may have increased sales of D&D at the time but it also left tabletop RPGs with a reputation of begin a bit ‘out there’ or ‘niche’. Any school or library that tried to encourage RPGs risked complaints from parents.

Thirty years on most parents would be delighted to see their kids unplugging themselves from super violent console titles to read rules books, meet up face to face with real friends and enjoy imaginative storytelling.

What do I love about Dungeons & Dragons? It has to be the socializing. The funny banter between friends. That is by far the best thing about Dungeons & Dragons. Getting together on a lazy Saturday afternoon to hang out and talk with friends. Maybe having a BBQ. It’s just all in all good times. That aspect alone makes up why I love playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Drawing D&D Maps Outside

Drawing D&D Maps Outside

I find that the week or two I have to prepare for a game as a DM (Dungeon Master) is a great creative outlet for me. I draw and plan out maps, encounters, battles, and wars. I even find myself sometimes picking out the background music I would like to have playing when the game actually starts. If the weather permits I will try and sit outside with a couple of rule books, some colored pencils, graph paper, my iPod and just go to town.

Since Hannah and I started playing Dungeons & Dragons it has become one of the big highlights of our weekend. It will be a great distraction for us here in Juneau when the weather turns cold and we enter the darker months.

To Be Continued…


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  1. Found your post via twitter while searching dnd, read some of your older dnd posts. Its nice to see how you’ve really grown into the game! Also awesome to read about someone in Alaska playing too – isn’t it amazing?

    If you haven’t already, I invite you to join the Wizard’s of the Coast’s forum. Like any forum it’s got the good and the bad, but I love the community.

    Also, have you tried their online tools? As a DM I find the Compendium so useful.

    1. @charmth – Thanks for the kind words. You know, I have not tried any of the online tools. One of the reasons I like Dungeons & Dragons is that it really only dose require a pencil and paper.

  2. Wow, I see what you mean about the planning out maps and encounters. I have found myself doing that 2. I really need to get that 4th e starter set. That would help so much. I just got into it, and im planning our first adventure.

    1. Yeah, The tokens you get with the D&D 4E starter set are well worth it. I am seeing the starter set around for 17 bucks which is a great price for what you get. Good luck!

  3. Found your site from google. Glad your enjoying D&D. I started role-playing when I was 9, i’m 35 now! Still my favourite hobby.

    If you love D&D, there is also roleplaying games set in the far future (traveller and many others) or horror (Call of Cthulhu, set in the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft) and many others.

    Have fun!

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