Issue 4 is the last issue in the stand alone Headmaster miniseries. Questions are left as we review this last issue before returning to the main Transformers story line. Will the Nebulon’s have peace? Will the Decepticons and Autobots destroy each other? It’s all still up in the air and on the table as we review issue 4. But first lets check out this cover.


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Hot Rod is center stage taking up center of the cover while a Nebulon jumps up and transforms into his gun. It’s all very high energy. Hot Rod is being attacked from the air by one yellow and one green Terrorcon. Kup stands to his side and his painted orange for some reason. Behind Hot Rod is some vegetation either representing the Nursery in the story or the Autobot’s swap base on Nebulos. “Enter: The Targetmasters!” written in yellow and outline in an orange/red on the left center of the cover. “Fierce Final Issue” is written across a banner over the top right corner of the cover.


The Decepticons want Nebulos to themselves. With Lord Zarak leading a new attack on the Mercury Gardens of Melanossus. A number of bots are killed before the battle is over. Zarak is left questioning if the battle is at all a win for him and Nebulos.

The Autobot Monsterbots, who had defended the gardens, return to their base and update everyone on their lost battle. Several Nebulans have banded together with the Autobots in their current swamp of a home. It is at this point that Hot Rod receives a call for help from Autobots on another planet called Earth. Word is received that the Decepticons are going to make a move to take over the Nebulan Nursery. The Autobots, lead by Pointblank head out to defend it. Several Nebulans are bio-engineered to aid the Autobots.


At this point Galen, who is held prisoner with his Autobot Headmaster friends, is awoken from stasis by Llyra. Llyra is ashamed of the man she loves and the changes he has gone through. Llyra soon leaves and Zarak enters. He shows off to Galen his new power and talks of his recent victory. Galen feels Zarak is starting to lose control and starting to crave war. Zarak pays no attention and soon heads off to fight the Autobots at the Nursery.


When the Autobots arrive at the Nursery they are shown how it is used in providing food and medicine to the populous of the planet. It is during this lesson that Scorponok and Terrorcons attack the Autobots who seem weaponless. It is then that the six new bio-engineered Nebulans transform into their new weapon modes and the Targetmasters are reveal opening an all out assault on the Decepticons. During the battle the Nursery is being demolished which Pointblank observes and reacts too by having the Autobots retreat. Lord Zarak celebrates his win, but all too soon becomes aware of the damage he and the Decepticons have caused to the Nursery.


The Targetmaster process has been replicated by Vorath back at the cit of Koraja and applied to have Decepticons and Nebulans. Zarak returns to Galen. After Awaking him he tries to explain that he feels Scorponok is changing him. Altering his mind and making him do things he would not normally do. In retaliation, Zarak sets Galen and his team free. The Headmasters rejoin with their Autobot bodies and break out of the holding facility.


Galen meets up with the rest of the Autobots in the swamp base. A plan is discussed to leave Nebulos, and in doing so the Decepticons would follow thus saving the planet. The Autobots agree and prepare to head to earth and answer the Autobot call for help. It is then that Llyra arrives. She has doubts about what she has been lead to believe about Galen after the recent battle. Galen blows her off so as not to cause her more heartache then necessary. The Autobots leave the planet with the Decepticons close behind. The battle ravaged planet of Nebulos is left in peace to rebuild.


My Thoughts On This Issue

In a word, predictable. I hate to say that. Each issue of anything Transformers that I read I am so excited and hopeful that the story I am about to dive into will be amazing. This was not one of those issues.

The Autobots get a Targetmaster upgrade and then the Decepticons get one. You could see that one coming a mile away. The bad guy, in this case Lord Zarak, sees he losing control and does one last good dead before going completely evil.

The biggest upset for me this whole time was the character of Llyra. She  was such a one demential character. Unwilling to listen or even think for that matter. It really pulled me out of the story when she was involved.

Even though we are introduced to some new and popular Robots, like Hot Rod and For Max, I just found myself uninterested throughout most of this miniseries. The first issue was my favorite and it just went down hill from there. It just felt like its only real reason to exists was to promote the latest toys that Hasbro was selling. Based on the letter sections of previous issues these comics came out in a time where Transformers where so popular, Hasbro and Marvel couldn’t get new stuff into the hands of kids fast enough. Including comics. And I think this miniseries was the result of that. It also suffers for that same reason.

I am hopeful now that the story is returning to earth that things will get better. I honestly want to know what everyone else thinks about this Miniseries? Am I completely off base here? Am I missing something?

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  1. The Decepticons, commanded by Scorponok arrive and demand the surrender of the Autobots. The Nebulans do not comply so the Decepticons begin to attack the city. The Nebulans are desperate, but refuse to grant control back to the headless autobots. Instead, a group of Nebulans undergo a binary-bonding process to transform into the Autobots’ new heads. The Nebulans control the Autobots’ bodies while, the original heads maintain radio contact, offering fighting skills and advice. The results are much-improved Autobot warriors, who efficiently repel their Decepticon rivals. However, the Nebulans begin to realize they are becoming violent warriors which they attempted to avoid by controlling the Autobots.

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