After my first reading of Transformers 67 the phrase that comes to mine is, pallet cleanser. It’s a good story. It’s a story that feels like you walked in on the middle of someones conversation and you’re trying hard to catch up. But before I dive into the issue, lets check out this Jim Lee Cover.


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I love the detail of this cover, but I wasn’t sure how to describe it. After reading other people’s reviews of this issue and description of the cover, I can’t say I agree with any one person a hundred percent. What I see is Galvatron, flying away from a yellow colored Earth that appears to be on fire not unlike our sun. The Earth looks as if it is just mere seconds from exploding. “The War Is Over—-And The Decepticons Have Won! Coming off the last issue this does not make sense. Not until you read the issue. It’s worth noting that we’re looking at some of Jim Lee’s early work here. I would love to see his version of this cover done today. Maybe if I’m ever lucky enough to have him fill out a blank sketch cover for me I’ll ask him to do that. I would imagine the guy is to busy for that though.

Transformers_issue67_coverThe year is 2009, and Cybertron is no more having been eaten by Unicron in what appears to be an alternate possible future story. The Decepticons have been given Earth. Galvatron, along with several Pretender Monsters enter New York City to search the ruins for any remaining Autobots. Here is where he discovers Rodimus Prime, strung up between two stumps of what used to be the World Trade Center.

Transformers_issue67_RodimusPrimeHere the story cuts to Spike Witwicky and a small group of surviving Autobots making their way to a Decepticon Base. They are running against the clock as the remaining goverments of the world are set to launch their nuclear weapons against the Decepticons. The result of which will Annihilate North America. Little do these goverments know that the Decepticons are prepared for just such an attack.

Transformers_issue67_SpikeWThe Autobots attack the Decepticon base providing the distraction needed for spike to carry out carry out the missions goal and secret weapon. To raise an American flag and show that America is still fighting. This act causes the world’s remaining governments to halt the launch of their nuclear attack.

Transformers_issue67_FlaggGalvatron aims to make short work of the flag gesture when Hook, Line, and Sinker appear to drag the Decepticon leader back through time.


Transmission Letters This Issue

Dear Transformers,

Transformers_67_TransMissionsIn issue #57, at the end you showed Megatron holding a destroyed Starscream. However, in issue #50. before Starscream blue up, he grew about fifty times his original size. In that picture with Megatron, he was normal sized. What I reckon happened is that Starscream never really grew, there was just a large outer shell that formed around him. When the outer shell was destroyed, his inner self took very severe damage, but was not destroyed. What do you reckon?

Christ Springob
Menomonee Falls, WI

Good, very good. Plausible and well worked out. Wrong, of course, but very good nonetheless. Starscream did grow, but when the power of Underbase left his shattered remains, he reverted to his normal size.

   Dear Transmissions,

I’m writing in regard to a time crossover story…Go for it! I hope it’s as great as past issues (such as #24, #26, #41, and #51) (to mention but a few). I love what the UK TRANSFORMERS have done in combining the past, present and future characters within their great storylines (I have a very few treasured issues, including one episode of “Time Wars”)). I’d like now to bring up a goof you made in issue #56. When Ratchet was taken to Cybertron, he commented that Jazz, Goldbug and Grimlock weren’t going with him. But in issue #57, they were there. Try and be more careful about things like this, huh?

Hazel Zewalk
Breok Park, OH

Ah Ha! Thought you’d got us there, didn’t you? Well, in issue #56, when Ratchet says, “aren’t you coming with us?”, He’s actually referring o Blackjack, who stayed aboard the Ark. The deactivated bodies of Grimlock & Co. came with him. Heh–these letters pages are great… we always get the last word!

Dear Transmissions,

I’ve figured out a way for you to bring Galvatron into TRANSFORMERS… now! The Galvatron that Megatron became in the movie was just a production line copy, to which-at some point-Unicron stole the designs (or a Quintesson did and passed them to him). So, the original Galvatron is on Cybertron, serving as Decepticon emperor. In the future, Megatron takes on the original Galvatron and defeats him. Then, when Unicron turns up, Megatron is transformered into the new Galvatron. No one knows whether the original Galvatron was really destroyed, so it may be the after 2006 there are two Glavatrons running around!

John Chubb
Columbus, OH

Ah, well-that makes it perfectly clear! When we introduce Galvatron we’ll try and keep it down to one of him, in one time, for one reason. Sheesh! Why is everyone so keen to write this comic for us?

Dear Transmissions,

I just got issue #60 through #62 and I have to say you guys are doing an excellent job! You finally introduced Unicron, my all time favorite cosmic entity from TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE! The storyline is getting really exciting now. Simon, you’re doing a wonderful job! Also the art is getting much better (Way to go, Geoff).I’m really glad to see you’re concentrating more on the Transformers than on the “puny fleshlings”, as Megatron would call them. Also, it tickles me to death that you’re introducing Galvatron in #67! Boy, this I gotta see! All heck’s breaking loose now! Keep up the fabulous work, guys!

Robert Ramirez
Cambridge, MA

Glad you’re enjoying TRANSFORMERS< Robert. But to be honest, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Note: please remember, if you want your full address published, you must say so.   Robert here did, and the address is there for all to see.            

My Thoughts On This Issue

This is an interesting story and it works because the 1986 movie had introduced us to these characters. It was a nice change of pace, and I’m sure Simon Furman has some kind of master plant to tie this all in together. Though, I couldn’t help but get a, ‘Days of Future Past‘ vibe from this issue.

Art was great. Seems like every time I see Jose Delbo come back to the Transformers his art just gets better and better.

Though the story was good and solid, it left me with a lot of questions. What of Galvatron? What of the bots and people of this time line? Will these questions ever get answered? I hope.

What did everyone else thing of this issue? Lets talk about it below. I would love to hear it.

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  1. Spike’s 80s perm hair…just…no. Absolutely not. On a sadder note, it’s hard to see a ‘2009’ bleak future – where the World Trade Center is still standing. But I was amazed at how dark it went – like how Rodimus Prime was not only dispatched, but dispatched very violently and with relative ease by Galvatron.

    1. Absolutely. Reading the alternate future now, when you think about all the limitless possibilities a future can have, it works. It’s sad. But it works. It was a dark issue, but one worth the cover price.

  2. I found it quite depressing as a kid. I also think it is ridiculous that a simple flag will halt the nuclear strike. I still feel that way. Also, I wonder why Galvatron didn’t proceed to take over the rest of the world since he obviously could have. This story always felt weird to me. The alternate storyline I really liked was the Transformers colouring/sticker book from back in the day where Optimus Prime is hiding on a Decepticon held Cybertron (turns out it is a nightmare of Op’s because he was knocked unconscious)

  3. When I first read this I was just so shocked at it. I did like the post apocalyptic story. To see that the Autobots and humans for that matter had just been destroyed. I found it funny that Rodimus was killed and his corpse displayed. I did love the fact that they showed a hint of Galvatron’s insanity. Which of course we see more of later. Seeing so many Bots die in this issue was shocking. I would have liked to see a series done of this. One that showed how things got like this and what happened after. I mean look at the end of the book from everything we were told there are only 3 Autobots left in the Universe. Namely Jazz , Prowl and Inferno. It made me wonder if there were others else where and how many Decepticons were left as well.

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