Recently I picked up the animated movie “Superman – Doomsday” on DVD. It’s an adaptation of the “Death of Superman” storyline from DC comics that came out in the early 90’s. “The Death of Superman” comic books where one of the first comic books I started reading and one of the resins why I started getting into comic book collecting.

Death Of SupermanThe storyline was very engaging and sad all at the same time. When someone like Superman dies it really does affect you. At the time it affected a lot of people. Not just comic book fans. To many people see Superman is more then a comic book hero. He represents hope, freedom, and goodwill. He is all that is good in everyone single one of us. So his death hit a lot of people hard

4012.jpgThe comic book also had some very memorable quotes.

Enjoy your reign while you may, Superman.
For as surely as night follows day…
There comes a time when even gods must die.

Lex Luthor

To get back to the DVD. It did not find it very good at all. Bad acting, Bad Art, and a very inaccurate telling of the story. But the thing that makes this DVD worth owning and what makes up for all the previously stated flaws are the extras. Included on the disk is “a retrospective look at how the Death of Superman comic came to be”. You get to see how the story line for the death of Superman came to be. How the writers get together and write out the storyline. Its all very interesting and historical. I had no idea any of this was going to be on the DVD when I picked it up but I’m glad it was because I don’t feel like I waisted my money as a result.


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