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Recently, I returned from a vacation. While I was gone my brother-in-law Scott, showed me a great little iOS app called Fast Camera. This app has the two missing features I have been craving most from Apple’s iOS camera software.

  1. Timer. This camera software has a timer which allows you to set how long the camera waits before it starts takes a picture. This is great when you want to be involved in a group shot or any shot for that matter. Using this with an iPhone tripod mount and a small tripod stand was a perfect and cheap solution for getting myself into more photos.
  2. Continuous Shooting. The other great feature of Fast Camera is its ability to take pictures in rapid succession. This is a perfect tool to get the best action shot. This worked great for me while I was on Mt. Hood getting pictures of the family tubing down in the snow.

A couple of notes about continuous shooting. When set to full resolution the continuous shooting slows down. Still very fast in my opinion, but something to be aware of. Continuous shooting does not support HDR and that is understandable. That said, this app is well worth the $2.99 they are asking for.


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