Youseph TanhaNow that I have finished the readable draft of Mirror Through Time, my mind is constantly thinking about all the steps I need to take to make sure this book launch is successful. Currently I am waiting for feed back from people who are reading the book. Based on that feed back I will make the last few changes to the story before moving onto the next step..

What is the next step? Well for starters, I have to:

  • Send the final version of the book off to be proofread.
  • Have a cover artwork designed
  • Acquire ISBNs
  • Have an audio version of the book read and recorded
  • Have the book formatted for ebook readers
  • Have the book formatted for Amazon on demand printing
  • Marketing (which includes interviews and reviews)

…and much, much more.

There is a so much that is going into launching Mirror Through Time, that I still don’t have a publish date. I am hoping that it will be sometime before the end of year. I think that is a realistic goal.

Throughout this whole process, I do find myself with stretches of free time. For example, I have a lot of free time while I wait for early reviews of Mirror Through Time to come in. One of the things I have started doing with this time is that I have started working on the next book. I have had the idea for this next book floating around my head as I was finishing up the last few chapters of Mirror Through Time.

Unlike Mirror Through Time, I am not entirely sure how this next book will end, or even if it will be my  next book. The only way I can find out is if I start writing and see where it goes.

Each of the characters of the next book have songs that remind me of them. Songs that I keep on my iPhone and have been listening too to keep me in these new character’s mind-set. So far its been working and I have been enjoying the words that I have been typing on the screen. Time will tell if this is going to be the next book for me or not.

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Reject what is useless

And add what is specifically your own


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