Early Draft of Mirror Through Time

Early Draft of Mirror Through Time

Last week I finished a draft of my new book, Mirror Through Time. I am proud of the story I have written and I think a lot of people are honestly going to love it.

It has taken me two years of really hard work to have Mirror Through Time in a state that I am comfortable to show off to a few people for some feedback. Good or bad, harsh or kind, I am ready to hear what people have to say and work on any possible changes that need to take place.

Its hard to give an answer to when you’ll be able to go out and buy this book. I still have a lot of work to do and I am working hard to get it all done. After I hear back from the people who are currently reading this early draft, I will need a month or two to work on any corrections or changes that need to be made. Once all the final changes are in, I will send the book off to be proofread while simultaneously working with a designer on the book cover art. I also have a lot of research to do so that I market the book correctly.

These are all steps that need to be taken and I plan to tackle them one at a time like a pro. But I finished an important step last week. Getting the book into the hands of early readers for their review was another.

Luck is not a factor.

Hope is not a strategy.

Fear is not an option.


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