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I went looking online for the three core rulebooks that are required to play the game of Dungeons & Dragons. The Player’s Handbook, The Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual. Amazon shows the Dungeons and Dragons Core Rulebook Gift Set, 4th Edition containing all three core rulebooks for just over sixty six dollars.

Now sixty six dollars is not a whole lot of money really. But it was enough for me to take a step back and ask myself, “Are you really going to play this game all that much? It’s almost the same price of a video game!”

Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set

Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter Set

Some time passed with me looking off and on at the rulebooks on the Amazon website. Then one day I took brake from work and headed over to the local book store here in Juneau to see what they had in the way of Dungeons & Dragons. It was not long after that, I found myself staring down at a bin of multi colored dice, dice bags, playing cards for games like Magic The Gathering. I finally came across the Dungeons & Dragons section. The D&D section was on a book shelf on the bottom rack, near the back of the store. It was clear from the way the book shelf was arranged that they normally have more Dungeons & Dragons books available. But as it stood they did not have one rulebook that I could find. The upside to this in my thinking, was that Juneau was home to more Dungeons & Dragons players then I was currently aware of. This opened the possibility of a local community of information that I might be able to tap into.

Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter SetAs I stood up to got ready to leave the D&D section of the book store my eyes caught site of a blue box. I bent back down to pick it up and found it to be the “Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition RPG Starter Set“. My eyes widened as I read that the starter set contained “Everything you need to start playing now!”.

  • Over 50 full-color character and monster tokens
  • 3 sheets of double sided D&D Dungeon Tiles
  • 16-page 4th Edition Quick-Start Rules
  • 64-Page Dungeon Master’s Book
  • 6 dice

Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Starter SetTo say the least I was stoked to find this! And for seventeen bucks I picked it up. I figured if the starter set could help me get a grip on how the game is played, then I would for sure know if investing nearly seventy bucks into the three core rulebooks would be worth it for me or not.

To Be Continued…


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  1. I think it is worth he cost. Think about it, the game has infinite replay value, as compared to most video games where one play-through is pretty much it.

  2. I just picked this box up on amazon this morning for $11 i was stoked to see it at this price. One thing i saw was that even if you did one day invest in the full game you will now have tokens, spare dice ( i already picked up a premium dice pack that came with an additional 4 dice), and even some tiles to work with instead of doing things the hard way on graph paper like my friends who are going to teach me do. but as i see this at less than 20 is a far cry from the 60-100+ people will pay for the core books and in my opinion is a great help. at the moment our group got the books from a friend and the dummy guide to DND from him also. so we are now set for our campaigns to start once we are all together in a week or so.

    1. I did eventually invest in the full game. Just follow the “To Be Continued” link at the bottom of the post. It takes you right to my next D&D post. My friends and I have found the game tokens to be ever so very useful. We all wish they would sell just tokens because of how useful they are. The tiles that come with the starter kit are not to useful however. At least for us. We are using battle mats and graph paper just like your friends. But for 11 bucks, having the tokens and books to help you understand the game are well worth it. Congrats on finding such a great deal!

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