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Yesterday I was looking at the Wizards of the Cost website and discover a new link “New To D&D Videos“. They have a great YouTube video on that page called “Introduction to D&D”. It is one of the better videos for people who are just learning about Dungeons & Dragons. So if your new to D&D, have never played, or just want to understand why i keep writing about it on my site here, Take a minute and watch this video. Hopefully it will answer some questions.

To Be Continued…


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  1. Yousefh,

    Just found your blog by chance while looking for monster tokens for mine 🙂

    Did notice your random dice rolling gadget that you have built with 2 boxes of Ipod Touch. And then it struck me, there is an excellent app. called “Dicenomicom” which I use in all of my games as a GM.

    Now here I’m assuming that you do have an Ipod Touch. Dicenomicom lets you build formulas for use in most rpgs atop of having the most used dice in rpgs, including FUDGE.
    I’ve been strictly using this app exactly because of the “randomness” factor mentioned.

    I can’t quite remember how much it cost me, but I think its around 2.99. From all the “dice rolling” apps, this one has been the most useful and prettiest to me.

    Hope this helps.


    1. Thanks for the info Andre.

      Using real dice i think is one of the best parts of playing D&D and I think my personal group of D&D players feel the same way.

      I do use one iPhone app at all my games called “DMs Tracker” to track fighting order. I have not written a review of it yet because it is still buggy.

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