We’re at issue 70 day. We’re so close to the end and I’m not ready for that to happen. I wonder if anyone at Marvel, Hasrbo, or any fans see the end in sight? I don’t think so. Maybe at this point in the run it’s better the fans be unaware of the end. That way they can enjoy the comic book with out any worry. So lets do this review. But first, what a cover!


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The cover for Transformers issue 70 is shocking to look at, but also beautiful done. Andrew Wildman did this cover and he did it well. This cover is a perfect example of why in the comic book universe of Transformers, he is a fan favorite. The cover is dominated with the painfully looking hybrid face of Megaton and Ratchet. If there was any question in the readers mind of these two being in pain, it is spelled out for them on a note card reading “Help Us” that is held by the combiner. (Sorry, Couldn’t help myself.) Just above the Transformers logo is written, “The Ultimate Autobot/Decepticon Team-Up! Now, lets see what this issue is all about.

Transformers_issue70_coverThe only panel of page one, in a way, shows the reader something worse than they could have imagined. The hideous combination of Megatron and Ratchet standing before them. Clearly their trip to the unspace was not a pain free experience as depicted by the looks of agony on their faces. The Autobots present in the room look on in shock.

Transformers_issue70_ughKup enters and reacts to the sight of Megatron before him by blasting his laser first. Nightbeat steps in and gets Kup to release what he is seeing. But before anyone’s mind can be made up on the next actions that should be taken, The combined Megatron and Ratchet, force their way out of the room and start roaming the ship.

Transformers_issue70_KupAs the ship’s security officer, he insists that the creature must be destroyed because he is a threat to everyone on board. Optimus Prime can’t bring himself to agree because Ratchet is is friend.

Transformers_issue70_knocksThe comic then cuts to Hydrus Four, where Grimlock is seeking for the well of Nucleon. This whole scene is laced with warnings that Grimlock should give up his fools mission.

Transformers_issue70_GrimlockWe return to the Ark to find that the Megatron, Ratchet hybrid has hurt Sureshot and now locked its self in the ship’s engine room where it is making a mess of things. Kup takes this opportunity to tell Optimus Prime how much of a screw up he is and then essentially threatens him with the Transformers equivalent of mutiny if he doesn’t grow a pair.

Transformers_issue70_GrowAPairThere is a very short fight between Optimus Prime and the combined monstrosity of Ratchet and Megatron. Though Prime ends up in a great position to vaporize the monster, he can’t bring himself to do it. Then, Optimus Prime is shocked when the beasts pulls prime’s gun at it’s self and in broken words begs to have his life ended.

Transformers_issue70_PleaseReturning to Grimlock on Hydrus Four, the Dinobot seems to now be getting and understanding the completely obvious warning messages that have been coming at him the whole issue. Just when you think he gets it, Grimlock decides to try the Nucleon himself before administering it to his comrades. The result? He feels amazing and all the warnings he got up to this point be believes where bull shit.

Transformers_issue70_GreatReturning to the Autobot Ark, Fixit thinks he can save Ratchet, But only if he also saves Megatron.


My Thoughts On This Issue

Well, I can say this issue was simply a fun ride for me. I enjoyed it. I’ve been pretty much enjoying most issues since Simon took over. Also, Some of Andrew’s art is breath taking. I’m finding myself pausing as I read these books just to take in the art work that’s gone onto these pages.

Kup is really a different character on these pages than he is in the 1986 animated movie. That’s really sticking out to me.

So for me, I’m on to reading the next issue. But while I’m doing that why do you guys tell me how you all felt about this issue. I would love to hear your thoughts and see if anyone looks at it differently than I do.

Transmission Letters This Issue

Transformers_70_TransmissionsDear Transmissions,

I don’t believe it! A miracle has happened. I never thought anyone could restore my faith in TRANSFORMERS. But-with issue #65-Simon has done just that! I had noticed the comic getting better bit by bit and hung in for the longest time. I’m glad I did. I was surprised to find the story narrated by the Matrix itself. It made for a very different view of the Transformers Universe. Is the Matrix truly good? Obviously not, if Thunderwing has it at the end of the chapter. Along with the writing, the artwork is very good. Michael Callahan may not like Geoff Senior’s work, but I find it a refreshing change. Thank you. I believe that this book is returning to, maybe surpassing, the greatness it once had. Who did the cover art for # 65? I found it incredibly striking.

Sir John Johnson
Portland, CT

Sir?! Don’t tell us the nobility has started reading TRANSFORMERS! Then again, why not? Anyway, thanks for all your praise (it never hurts to have the old creative egos massaged) and your comments. The cover for #65 was crafted by artist extraordinaire Bill Sienkiewicz. It was another real opinion provoker amongst readers, who either thought it was the best cover ever to see print or absolutely awful (more of the former than the latter, we’re happy to say), But as we always maintain, better reaction than in difference!

Dear Transmissions,

TRANSFORMERS #65 was stupendous-one of the best issues yet! Please congratulate Geoff Senior on his stupendous work, which my friends and I (all devoted fans) enjoy most. I’m fortunate enough to have collected dozens of TRANSFORMERS U.K. issues several continuing Geoff’s artwork, and I just can’t get over them! One suggestion-in many of the U.K. issues, Geoff and writer Simon Furman feature an awesome character called Death’s Head, a time-traveling mechanoid who appeared recently in Fantastic Four #338. How about featuring Death’s Head in our TRANSFORMERS?

Steve B.
Toronto, Ontario

Glad to see you’re both a Geoff Senior fan and a Death’s Head fan! In that case, we have some great news for you. Though he won’t be appearing in Transformers, Death’s Head will be appearing in his very own 64-page graphic novel, drawn and painted by Geoff (with Simon Furman chucking in the odd word now and then). It’s called “DEATH’s HEAD: The Body in Question!” and it’ll be out in September. Oops-does that sound like a blatant plug? Sorry, we’ll not mention it again.

Dear TransMissions,

I have just read issue #66 and it was terrific! PLEASE keep Geoff Senior as the permanent artist! By the way, where’s Fortress Maximus these days?

Ian McDonald
Oakvill, Ontario

Fort Max will be back soon, though whether he’ll be happy about being back remains to be seen! Though we’d dearly love to keep Geoff as regular artist on TRANSFORMERS, sadly that cannot be (thought he’ll be back in a big way soon-trust us). Geoff is busy working on the DEATH’s HEAD graphic novel – “The Body in Question” (out in September!) right now. Aah- we mentioned it again (but we think we got away with it)!

Dear Transmissions,

Shockwave? That is you, you one-eyed freak, isn’t it? Galvatron, dare you defy your master, Unicron? Dare you strike when the Autobots are at their most vulnerable? Dare you disturb the universe? Starscream, does your traitor’s heart lead you toward your destiny? Dare you claim leadership now that Thunderwing is gone? Are you ready to deal with Shockwave, who may desire the same? Optimus Prime, what to do now? The Matraix is lost to you, but was it destroyed? Didn’t bother to check if Thunderwing actually died, did you?

What a tangled skein you’ve weaved, my dear Brit, what a glorious mire you’ve entrenched yourself in.

Liane Elliot
Gig Harbor, WA

Too true, but our “dear Brit” would like to point out that he doesn’t make a habit of wallowing in mires!

Dear Transmissions,

I applaud the entire staff of TRANSFORMERS. The ‘Matrix Quest’ left me awestruck, and I’m now unable to stand the wait until next issue (I have just renewed the subscription I let expire last year). Simon Furman has done wonders for the comic. What character development I have witnessed! Optimus Prime has finally become the sturdy (but flawed) leader he once was; Grimlock now impresses me as a noble warrior, yearning to be reunited with his deactivated Dinobots; Thunderwing is powerful with a suitably manic edge, as befits a true Decepticon leader. But what has glued me to these pages has been the return of Starscream and a ‘mysterious’ single-optic mechanoid, both plotting deeds of unfathomable evil. Naturally, these aspects are magnified ten times over by the remarkable talent of Geoff Senior. His illustrations evoke feelings of motion, power and mass. Furman and Senior have made TRANSFORMERS a superb publication, and with this team it can only get better!

Brian Orms
Louisville, KY

Aaargh! All this unfettered praise! where’s something to put these upstart Brits in their place? Ah, we’ve got it…

Dear Transmissions,

I think TRANSFORMERS stinks! Geoff Senior’s artwork is the pits, and Simon Furman couldn’t write a check!

Rob Tokar
New York, NY


Dear Transmissions,

I recently read an issue of TRANSFORMERS U.K. and noticed both Simon Furman and Geoff Senior’s names on the credits for the U.K. strip. How long have these two been doing the U.K. series, and how can I get copies? Is there a subscription to TRANSFORMERS U.K.? It’s not on the subscription page.

Barry Schwartze
Rapid City, SD

Much as we hate to admit we’re not omnipresent, the fact is=we don’t know. Can anyone out there help? We know from your letters that some of you get the U.K. TRANSFORMERS comic, so write in and let us know how you do it. Meantime, we’ll have a word with Marvel U.K. and see if thee are subscriptions to America. Keep watching this page for more details!

Dear Transmissions,

I’ve just finished issue #65, and it can be summed up in one word-superb! Everything was great, especially the artwork. I have a few questions, though. #1-Who was that black robot the Matrix healed? #2-Who was standing over the black mechanoid once it had been destroyed? It couldn’t have been, Prime, he was dead at this time. #3-What are Prima, Prime Nova and Sentinel Prime?

Michael Dreher
Donalda, Alta

The black robot was a Deathbringer, the flashback courtesy of a story in Marvel U.K.’s TRANSFORMERS. And yes, the Transformer standing over the destroyed Deathbringer is none other than Optimus Prime. A good deal of time elapsed between the funeral barge landing on that moon and the dying Deathbringer encountering the Matrix-enough time for Prime to have been rebuilt in his new Powermaster form. And finally, Prima, Prime nova and Sentinel Prime are all former Autobot leaders and holders of the Matrix.

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  1. Sorry for not commenting more on your blog in a while. I keep meaning too , but life has been happening. Especially now when you going through some of my favorite story arcs. I really liked this issue as a kid. And to this day wish someone would make a figure or something that shows off this Megatron and Rachet fusion. One of the key things about Marvel run was the chemistry I guess could say between Megatron and Rachet. It was something I really liked and I know I have mentioned this before. I just loved how it wasn’t Prime vs Megatron all the time. It was Megatron and Rachet who seemed to have the main rivalry. And it just something I just can’t put into words just how much I loved it!!!
    When they released this issue and showed just how fussed Megs and Rach were I was just so surprised and I loved it. I couldn’t stop reading this one.
    Keep up the great work Mighty Yoshi !!!

    1. A figure of the fusioned figures would be cool, but I think the only way it could be done is if it was a statue. I bet it would sell well.

      Really glad you’re enjoying the reviews. I’m enjoying writing them and writing them.

  2. Hey Yoshi,
    This was a favorite issue of mine. I actually liked the B story with Grimlock better. This issue and last issue had some real character growth moments for him.

    I can tell you that at the time 14 year old me in 1990 absolutely saw the end of the series coming. Transformers was off the air for a while now. The toys had become Action Masters and didn’t even transform anymore. No one I knew cared about Transformers anymore except me. The comics were the last hold out for Transformers, and it was building up to an epic face off with Unicron in issue #75. I was actually expecting #75 to be the final issue.

    I was surprised and pleased by #75’s letter page that had a note from Simon saying they weren’t cancelled… yet. But it also had a plea to get people to buy more issues because they were on the bubble. Unfortunately with no marketing budget and no Internet to spread the word, that plea went unanswered, as we all know.

    See, being an old timer with clear memories of G1 can come in useful sometimes! 🙂

    1. I love this trip down memory lane Charles. Thank you.

      At the time of this issues release I did own a few Transformers comics. But I had no idea that it was still going or what was happening with the story.

      I do remember about this time traveling across the country with my family and stopping at a gas station. Inside they had a small rack of comics. I mean small. And out of all the comics they could carry there was an issue of Transformers. I flipped out. I also was shocked that a gas station was caring comics at all.

      1. Yeah, comics in general had a much wider reach back then. You could buy comics in pretty much any convenience store, drug store, supermarket, or gas station. I bought Transformers #75 from my local 7-Eleven a block from my house, and not my local comic shop which required a parent to give me a ride to get there. I also had a direct subscription from Marvel, which usually meant I was getting 2 copies of the issue a month because I couldn’t wait for it to come in the mail (I was pulling a Shelton even back then, when there weren’t even any variant covers!).

  3. Hey Yoshi, it’s taken me awhile to have a minute to post a comment here but here it goes. I enjoyed your review and agree with you that this was a fun ride. I said it before but the Furman/Wildman team really put out some solid work, it’s kind of sad knowing that the end was less than a year away. Now onto the cover which to this day is still one of the most haunting comic book images that I can remember and I’ve been reading comics for close to 30 years, but with that being said it is still a fantastic cover by Wildman. Lastly I really do enjoy this version of Kup, he’s a real no nonsense, tell it like it is Drill Sergeant. He really had no problem disagreeing with Prime which is a welcome relief because it showed an interesting opposing view to Prime’s decisions. That’s it for now and I’m off to read your review for #71. Be well in AK…. woops, I mean WA!!

    Tom Proscia

    1. Tom, I totally agree! Kup is a bad ass here! I do like this version of Kup a lot. You pointed out a lot of interesting things about this character. Furman and Wildman are an amazing team. I can’t wait to see more.

  4. My only real comment with this issue isn’t about the comic itself, but to ask you to stop cursing. Thanks-not everyone likes that language, especially in the review of a kids comic

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