I have been thinking about doing some posts about the Transformers for a while now. I have such an affection for the Transformers universe and the characters in it that it seems wrong to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. I don’t think I have ever done a good job explaining how awesome the Transformers are. I mean, how do you tell someone that a cartoon and a comic you used to read as a kid really affected you in a positive way? How do you explain your love and passion for something like that? It seems silly, right? Well maybe it is silly to some people out there. Maybe it’s silly to most people out there. But it’s not silly to me.

In thinking about this and reading other blogs on the Internet, I have decided that the only way I can express the feelings I have is by writing it out and showing examples of the things that I so enjoy and love about the Transformers and their universe.

I am going to start off by writing a post talking about how I discovered and became a fan of The Transformers. Then I am going to write about how I recently went out collecting the whole comic book series. Later, I am going to do reviews of the Transformers comic books and cartoon. If you stick with me you might just learn a thing or two about the greatest cartoon, comic, and toy line to ever come out of the 1980s.

If you would like to follow along with me while read through the comics again and watch the tv show you can pick up newer printings of them items here:

Transformers Comics

Transformers TV Cartoon


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