All That Matters Kindle Cover

All That Matters Kindle Cover

‘All That Matters’ was reviewed by Rita at Raindrop Reflections. The positive notes and comments throughout her review are very encouraging to me. I want to share a little of what Rita had to say about my book, but to read her whole review you should head over to her website at Raindrop Reflections.

  • …it’s a big deal that I even read this book, because the author is dyslexic and I think it’s amazing that today he writes books.
  • The story itself was moving, especially the ending, which I didn’t expect.
  • …it showed amazing depth in Ethan’s character to be able to do stuff like that. I very much admired him for it.
  • …kudos to Youseph Tanha for attempting such a sensitive topic.
Check out the whole review here.



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