On this episode of Bag & Board, I review Boom Studios’ Bone Parish. A very interesting new book about a new designer drug that lets it’s users experience, in a unique way, the lives of those people who the drug is made from. That’s right. The drug is made from the bones of dead people. I really enjoyed this book and I think its worth the cover price and worth a read.

I’m also so happy to see that with the latest Fantastic Four blank cover book I got, Marvel is following in DC’s footsteps and wrapping their comics in a protective wax paper-like cover. From what I can tell this has stopped all scuff marks from damaging bank covers since this has been introduced. I can only hope other publishers will follow DC and Marvel.

I round off this weeks video with Venom, Spiderman, and X-Men comics that are helping me complete my PUNISHER collection. So check it out and let me know in the comments below.


• Google Spreadsheet For Organizing Your Comics
• Cotten Gloves
• MyLites 2 Bags
• Boards
• Artist Tape
• Microchamber paper (Option 1)
• Microchamber Paper (Option 2)


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