On this episode of Bag & Board, A comic book shop closes up in my town so in remembrance this week all the books I bag and board come from that shop. The Moon Base.

The first book I bag & board is issue 50 of Legends of the Dark Knight. I also summerise the story in this issue. Which is great and you should read it if you get the chance.

I also talk about the first vintage horror comic I’ve ever read in DC’s Unexpected. A 20 cent book that contained three full stories. Which is great.

I also bag & board 2 Spider-Man books and a Venom book that relate to the Punisher books I’m Collecting.


• Google Spreadsheet For Organizing Your Comics
• Cotten Gloves
• MyLites 2 Bags
• Boards
• Artist Tape
• Microchamber paper (Option 1)
• Microchamber Paper (Option 2)


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