On this episode of Bag & Board, I share this week’s comic book haul which includes the COSMIC GHOST RIDER. A book that was completely spoiled to me, but that didn’t stop me from going down to my local comic book shop and picking up the last copy which was a variant cover. I was so fascinated by this book from the information I learned about it that resulted in my being totally spoiled by this first issues plot that I still just had to read it for myself. I am so glad I picked it up. If you’re looking for something fun to read this is the book for you. You don’t need to know anything going into it. A perfect book for a newbie or a fan.

I also continue to find books in the original PUNISHER run including Peter Parker and the Spectacular Spider-Man. I also pick up a Daredevil book which includes the PUNISHER. Man, I am so looking forward to reading these books and become engrossed in the world of the PUNISHER.


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