Today I went and saw “Watchmen” At the movie theater with Hannah and some friends. Back in November I read the Watchmen graphic novel and really enjoyed it. I read it knowing their was a movie coming out and I wanted to be educated with the source material.

In the end I liked the graphic novel more then the movie. But saying that, I know that I will be getting the DVD when it comes out because it was still good. Speaking of good, without giving anything away let me talk about the good in this movie.

  • The directing was amazing! Just WOW.
  • The movie was very graphic
  • The sound track was really good.
  • Acting was really good.
  • For the most part (I strain when I say this) it was pretty accurate.

Now for the bad

  • Things where left out from the graphic novel. The movie was almost 3 hours long and I have been reading that when the DVD comes it it will have 20 extra minutes. But even with the 20 extra minutes they will still be leaving things out from the comic.
  • They dropped the ball on picking an actor who played Richard Nixon and his makeup. Frost Nixon‘s Nixon it’s not.
  • I feel that the way Dr. Manhattan lives in time was not represented well.
  • The ending is different from the comic book. I don’t think it affects the story really. But I don’t understand why it was changed in the first place.

Finally. It’s worth seeing. I am going to get the DVD when it comes out. But like most movies that are adapted from books, I wish it was truer to the source material.


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