Lets talk about rights for just a minute here. Lets say i go to the store, and lets say I buy one hundred copies of Lenny Kravitz Latest CD. I don’t think anyone would argue that if I was to throw my money away like that, it’s with in my rights to do so. In fact i think their would be a lot of grateful people out in the world knowing that their are one hundred less copies of his crappy music that could fall in the hands of unsuspecting kids.

Now lets say I take these same one hundred copies of Lenny Kravitz latest CD and use them for target practice. Again, I don’t think anyone would say anything because well, i bough and paid for these CD’s i should be able to do with them what i want.

Same with movies. If i want to buy a copy of Star trek and make a backup copy or put a copy on my iPod i should have that right. So Here.

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BlueRay is going to win out in the end anyway.


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