This is something new I am going to try. The idea here is that I will do a new post once a week on links I find around the web. Stories and posts that I think are worth sharing because they are interesting to me. The links I will share come from RSS Feeds I subscribe to, Friends who told me about them, and E-mails I get. So here we go.

Unfulfilled space funeral for “Scotty”: words from his son.

There have been many attempts to send my father on his way. On Saturday, the latest launch attempt by SpaceX, with a portion of my father’s remains aboard, failed to achieve orbit. While there are many complicated reasons why this is a disappointment, mine is simple: I’d like to finish saying goodbye. [Link]

How to: Be an uber blogger, by Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow, uber blogger of Boing Boing, science fiction writer and part-time resident of the Magic Kingdom describes how to create a blog that people read. [Link]

5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode

There are generally two types of science: first, there’s the type that makes computers work, allows us to ride around in metal boxes propelled by continuous explosion, and makes it so that milk doesn’t taste all gross. Then there’s the fringe science, the stuff that shoots up your nose like mathematical horseradish and dances a jig on your brain…or brane, as it were (that’s the nerdiest joke in the article, we promise). So kick off your work boots, put on your thought slippers, and prepare for a science course so mind-blowing, it’s written almost entirely in italics. [Link]

Energy Conservation in Alaska: What Worked? What Did Not?

It’s been over three months since an avalanche knocked out our hydropower supply in Juneau. At that time, Get Rich Slowly readers provided plenty of great comments and potential solutions. Unfortunately, we rarely get sunny days here in Southeast Alaska because it rains or snows about 200 days a year. Thus, we couldn’t make use of the oft-recommended solar energy. [Link]


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