I pick up G.I. Joe 141 hoping that the last issue was a fluke. That this issue will be written and drawn better. Unfortunately, the cover gives me no hope for this. Art duties are picked up by Steven Leiber & William Rosado, on this issue with Scott Moulter & Chip Wallace doing the inks. Let’s talk more about this cover before diving into the story.

For me, this cover is so hard to read. It somehow achieves being boring and being too busy all at the same time. You have Snake-Eyes on the bottom center of the book with another unknown ninja behind him. To me, they are lazily colored with gradient purple and white. It’s not only until you read the story do these two, and their poses, make any sense to me. In the background, I almost missed the blacked out shadow of Megatron holding Dr. Biggles-Jones. Honestly, the best part of this cover are the green buildings in the background.  They seem to be the most detailed thing on this cover.”Continuing the greatest Joes action saga of all time!” Is written on the left side of the cover.  I’m sure there are G.I. Joe fans that would accuse my harsh criticisms of this cover to be a result of the lack of focus on the Transformers. That’s a fair thing to say. I am only reading these G.I. Joe books because this is how Marvel and Hasbro chose to bring back the Transformers. I would still argue this is a horrible cover and I would challenge any G.I. Jan to prove to me this book is in their 50 favorite G.I. Joe covers.

We’re still in Milleville were Megatron and returned to his robot mode and Cobra Commander is not happy about it. Megatron informs Cobra Commander that the Cobra Eels are attacking the recon squad in the sewers. Megatron doesn’t lift a finger to help as the deal he made with Cobra was very specific. Decepticon tech for Dr. Biggles-Jones.

As Scarlett lays resting in the Milleville hospital, Dr. Biggles-Jones confronts her about being a double agent. Outside her window the Ninja-Force look in, unnoticed from outside the window. Cobra Night Creepers silently attack the Ninja-Force and lose. It’s at this point that the Ninja-Force is ordered to backup the sewer recon team. Snake-Eyes stays behind to watch over Scarlett, and this is when the Night Creeper Leader approaches the lone ninja. What happens next is an epic battle between two ninja masters on the rooftops of Milleville.

Back inside the hospital, Scarlett keeps her front up telling Dr. Biggles-Jones that she is not a double as sincerely as she can. But Dr. Biggles-Jones is not just guessing at Scarlett’s true loyalties. She knows. In the next room Dr. Mindbender is listening in on Scarlett and Biggles-jones conversation by way of a drinking glass against the wall.

We see more of the epic ninja battle continues on the rooftops before cutting back to Scarlett’s hospital room. Dr. Biggles-Jones finishes telling ‘the whole truth’ to Scarlett. Something we the reader don’t get to be a part of. It is at this moment that the giant hand of Megatron crashes through the hospital room window and snatches up Dr. Biggles-Jones.


Slice and Dice poor into Scarlett’s room looking for here, but she’s nowhere to be found. Hiding under her bed she manages to get past the two Cobra agents before exiting the hospital. Outside she gets past tow Alley-Vipers and starts making ground toward the Ark.

Back on the rooftops, Snake-Eyes and Night creeper Leader continue their ninja battle. It’s here that Snake-Eyes decides to drop his swords and meditate. An action that leaves the Cobra operative confused. He decides that Snake-Eyes is bluffing him and charges with all his might only to be quickly and simply defeated. Hawk learns that there’s another American security agency with a Cobra double agent and the Joes have to withdraw. Storm-Shadow and Spirit are sent to extract Snake-Eyes who’s now been ambushed by Slice and Dice, along with a hundred Cobra troopers.

Confronting Megatron, Scarlett sees the giant Transformer trying to gouge out Dr. Biggles-Jones’ brain with a Protoplasm Stripper. Apparently, he just wants her brain and finds the rest of her to be unnecessary. Scarlett demands that Megatron release the Doctor.

POSTBOX: The PIT! Letters This Issue.

Yo, Joes:

What can I say about G.I. Joe? Or, to put it this way, what isn’t there to say? The plots are involved, the art is superb, the entire comic is nonpareil (Now go look that one up, Philistines!)

Now after all that praise, I’m going to drop the bombshell – I’m a sixteen-year-old girl! Who says that comics are only for guys?

One thing that really worries me, though. In the 90’s comics are still generating a mainly male-centered view. When I set foot in a comic store, it’s a rarity if there is another female in there, too. We girls feel left out! Why is it that there are only four female Joes? Is it because the training is more difficult for the fairer sex?

In case you were wondering, my favorite Joe is Snake-Eyes. I only started my monthly comic collection with issue #126, but he instantly caught my attention. A Joe that is such a mystery that he doesn’t talk has a classified name and wears a mask is intriguing, to say the least.

I hear that the TRANSFORMERS are returning. That, to put it simply, made my year. Even the real American heroes have to take a backseat to the robots in disguise. “Nuff Said!”

Until Snake-Eyes becomes a pop star and Roadblock gets a mohawk, make mine Marvel!

Becky “Phantom” Roman

Ocean Township, NJ

Don’t fear, Becky, we actually do have a lot of female readers who are G.I. Joe fans. And, even though comics started out as a male dominated industry, there are more female editors, writers, and artists than ever before. Look for their work, particularly in HULK, EXCALIBUR, GHOST RIDER KING ARTHUR & THE KNIGHTS OF JUSTICE, SHE-HULK, AKIRA, GROO – and the list list goes on!! In the meantime, we hope all of our other female readers out there will drop us a line.

Dear Marvel,

Fantastic, Superb, excellent, wonderful, cool, beautiful, life-like, spectacular, perfect, great, alleluial issue #135 was all of these things and more. Larry, how do you come up with such great stories? Andrew Wildman, the artwork was really “wild”, and I really hope and pray that you’re with the team for a loooong time, cause all us fans down here in the Caribbean are counting on you. the Night Creepers new outfit was a really pleasant surprise, it suits them well, the poly-bag was a nice touch, and the photo trading card was a great surprise. Now, the front cover in my opinion and most of my friends is that it is the best one so far. It literally sparkled! The story was very good, and I notice that Cobra has gone back to worldwide conquest and that most of the issue takes place in good ol’ New York. My friends and I loved it when the Night Creepers killed off all those guards, and we hope to see other characters as the saga unfolds. One thing, bring back your double splash pages. They were really good. Make mine Marvel!

Shone Akpetc

St. Andrew, Jamaica

Thanks for the kind words, Shone, we’d like to hear from you and your friends Bob Thomason and Harry Davis and time! Yo Joe!

Dear Marvel,

I have been collecting you G.I. JOE comic book from issue #1. The price was then just .35¢ an issue. When I purchased the April issue and realized it cost $1.75, I was astounded. A lot of other comics have been around much longer than you, and they are only half the price. Your comic is much better than these others, but $1.75 is just too much to pay for a comic book.

Many of your younger readers can not afford your comic anymore. Many of your best fans will no longer buy this comic. The price hike was uncalled for. As a result, I will no longer purchase G.I. JOE. This may not matter much to you, but there are many people out there who agree with me.

John Licfelt

New Paris, Ohio

Of course, it matters, John. Every reader matters, that’s why we try to print both pro and con letters in our letter column. But we hope you can understand that the cost of printing a comic have increased much over the last ten years. Just as printing costs have gone up, so has the rates that we pay our freelancers and our editorial staff, etc. Also, different kinds of paper and coloring account for the differences in some comic prices, not to mention the poly-bagging process! We hope all our fans know that we are trying to give you the most for your entertainment dollar, well, dollar twenty-five, which the price has dropped back down to. How many times does that happen in this world?

Dear Mr. Hama,

I have collected G.I. JOE since issue #1, and it has always been my all-time favorite comic. I’ve always loved Snake-Eyes and the Ninja characters. Last week my friend John and I found a I-Ching book of ancient Chinese wisdom and looked up what the tattoos on Snake0Eyes and the rest of the Arashikage Ninja Clan meant.

Turns out, it’s the most powerful of the I-Ching symbols. It means fire over water, with good luck, love, and finance. The individual lines mean:

— :Truth


–: Good Finance

–: Spirit

–: Family

–: Something that is lost will reappear

Pretty cool huh? Well, just thought I’d share that with you, keep up the great work, and make mine the Arashikage Ninjas!

Shane Thomsberry

Medina, OH

Thanks, Shane… somehow, We’re sure Larry already knew this, but it’s nice to show our other readers what a little research will reveal. the I-Ching is an interesting book. Congratulations on having purchased it.

Dear Mr. Hama and Crew,

First I want to say Happy Birthday to G.I. JOE and to you guys at the Pit. G.I. JOE is finally 30 years old and this comic in June, will be running strong for ten years. In May, it will also be X-MEN and IRON MAN’s 30th year. But I still think G.I. JOE is still the best comic ever. By the way, issue #136 was great and I know Scarlett isn’t a traitor, but the other Joes don’t know that expect Hawk. Make mine Marvel.

Justin Hutzler

Bulverde, TX

Thanks for the birthday greeting, Justin. We’re hoping for many more. With readers like you to keep us company along the way.

Dear Joes,

What can I say, except that you, editor David are doing a great job!

Next, I’m looking for a pen pal, girl or boy, aged between 10-14, who are totally into G.I. JOE, I have my own club. We have video nights and sleepovers and stuff like that. If anyone writes me, I’ll write them back, please write soon.

Please print my letter, it’s come a long way.

Dustyn Fry


Sure thing, Dustyn, anyone out there who is interested in a pen pal, give Dustyn, a holler! It’s always fun to learn about people in other countries. The world is getting smaller all the time.

In the meantime, here’s what we have coming up in just 30 days, and Yo, JOE!

My Thoughts On This Issue

There was a lot going on in this issue. Some good and some bad.

The Good.

The story is much better than the last issue. The Snake-Eyes, Night Creeper Leader fight was pretty damn epic. I wish it was a longer fight. I think it would’ve helped punctuate how awesome Snake-Eyes is. This fight also helps explain the cover.

I truly enjoyed how Megatron speaks on this issue. Feels modernized (for the 90s) as well as old school.

The Bad.

What is going on with the art? It went from bad (the last issue) to worse (this issue). Honestly, the story is the only thing that saved the book for me. Megatron is rendered so poorly. The human characters not so bad, but they aren’t good either. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall of Marvel conference room to find out why these choices were being made.

In the next issue, I think we’ll see that Scarlett is outed as a double agent. I think. Probably the arrival of the Autobots? Since they were introduced in the last issue it seems wrong if they don’t appear in the next issue. I guess I just have to crack open the next issue and find out.

What did you all think of this issue? What do you think about the art? Is it really that bad? Do you agree with me that the story for this issue, in general, was pretty good? Comment below and let me know!



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