Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks

Something I am seeing in a lot of the reviews about my book ‘All That Matters‘ is that I am being compared to the author, Nicholas Sparks. That is such an honor to me. I have one book published so far and people are already comparing me to a highly successful and amazing author such as Sparks. I am flattered and humbled by this.

I am a fan of Nicholas Sparks and have read many of his books over the years. One of his first books I read was ‘A Walk To Remember‘ which had major and positive impact on my life.

Sparks’s writing style is fluid and keeps the story moving along. This is something I have found to be an influence my own writings.

Savannah recently made this comparison between myself and Sparks on her ‘Books With Bite‘ blog when she reviewed ‘All That Matters‘. Here are a few things she had to say:

  • What I liked most about this book is the struggle, the fight for love that is once there, but for some reason fades away.
  • I adore the characters in this book.
  • I struggled towards the end with hiding my tears…

You can read Savannah’s full review on her blog, ‘Books With Bite‘.


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