On this episode of Bag & Board 28 we review the Immortal Hulk Trade Paperback. A really good Hulk story that feels like it’s pulling inspiration from the original Hulk stories.

One of my favorite books, Sleepwalk issue 4 is up and concludes. What’s next for the master of the dreamscape? I picked up two covers based on just the cover art. The virgin variants for Supergirl and Flash. These are some beautiful covers!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 the comic book is on issue 3 this episode and I continue to enjoy it. Are you reading it? What do you think?

Star Trek vs Transformers issue 3. IDW Publishing should be ashamed. This hot piece of garbage, they have released in hopes of snagging that nostalgia dollar. Don’t be fooled.

Finally, I got a copy of Ghost Rider 61 to add to my PUNISHER run.


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