On this episode of Bag & Board, I dive into Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons issue 2 and find out if it’s just as good as the first issue. I also have to ask how many covers are we going to see for issue 2?

Bone Parish issue 3 also came out and I’m still enjoying every page of this story. The writing is not rushed and the art is maintaining its consistency. I love seeing how the drug ash is affecting everyone differently.

Heroes in Crisis was a blank cover pick up only. My comic book store had it and I grabbed one. Hard for me to pass up blank covers. The comic book collection grows!

Also, work continues on completing my Punisher run.


• Cotten Gloves
• MyLites 2 Bags
• Boards
• Artist Tape
• Microchamber paper (Option 1)
• Microchamber Paper (Option 2)


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