On this episode of Bag & Board, I review Marvel’s Thanos Legacy. A book that was recommended to me by my local comic book shop because there is a tie in with the Cosmic GHOSTRIDER. An interesting book with a completely different ton than Cosmic GHOSTRIDER. I feel like it also null in voids the current Cosmic Ghostrider series. What do you think?

Cosmic GHOSTRIDER issue 3 came out so I’ll be talking about that book as well. Still really happy with this book.

I also picked up some more Rick & Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons covers. The Gencon exclusive and the KRS comics exclusive. Pretty happy with how both of these books look.

Finally, I snagged some Transformers: Regeneration One blank cover variants. Always happy to add more of these to my collection.


• Google Spreadsheet For Organizing Your Comics
• Cotten Gloves
• MyLites 2 Bags
• Boards
• Artist Tape
• Microchamber paper (Option 1)
• Microchamber Paper (Option 2)


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